Like every other morning, mine started off with the good ole same morning routine. Wish I could say something more exciting happened but it didn’t! I am getting very excited for another type of exercise besides running and to be able to go to my French Rivera gym- Ah sounds like paradise!


Anyways, went to the printmaking studio and just went ahead and got printing my plates. We had a work day but Deb also went through with each one of us our works and what we were going to show in the Vernissage. We also got our grades back from the last project- A!! We decided that I was going to put in my 6 pieces that I turned in for my last project with them having strong imagery fromParisand she really liked the Monoprinting that I did. So Wahoo! She also wants me to add a little bit more inking to a few of them so that is what I will be working on tomorrow afternoon! I also have to finish printing my plates to turn in next Tuesday for my final project! Then after class, it was lunch time!


Afterwards, I went up to the room with Danielle and hung out for a bit. It was so hot outside but I decided to go out on the terrace anyways and listen to my new book, Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet. It is alright- nothing of what I expected it to be! I ended up falling asleep though! Then around 4pm, all these people came up and I had no idea what was going on. They are filming a LipDub video to “Belles, Belles, Belles” to present at the Vernissage. Everyone was wild dancing around with umbrellas and all. I opted out today but may attend the filming for tomorrow! I then went back to my room to work on figuring out my paper topic. My professor still had not emailed me back so I pretty much just wasted the afternoon online shopping and reading blogs! Kind of fun though I really wanted to start my paper. I then went down to the computer lab to write and print off an article that I wrote for my journal about my weekend in Nice! I returned to my room around 7pm, jumped in the shower, and headed down to dinner.


I came up to my room and hung out with Danielle and Shelley for a bit. We were looking at things online and talking about random things going on here. I read a really great article on Garance’s blog about Parisian lifestyle compared to that of a New Yorker. If you can, you should definitely read it ( She is one of the bloggers I follow daily and have come to feel like we are friends! Ha I finally got an email back from my professor which really was not much help because it just said my ideas were good and just be specific with what topic I end up choosing. So I just chose one and went back down to the computer lab to print off a few articles for research. On my way down there, the Bonnieux fireworks started going off! I grabbed my camera and took a few pictures from the terrace of them! Always fun to see fireworks…especially in the valley inFrance with the moonlight glowing!


I then continued down to the lab, printed off a few articles, and talked to Shelley! We were discussing our hair appointment plans for when we get back! Such girls! Anyways, I am now back in my room and off to bed! Hopefully going to get some things accomplished tomorrow so that I do not get hit with stress this weekend! XOXO