Realizing that I am leaving so soon, has really started to hit me. I was really appreciative this morning of how gorgeous of a place I am in. I saw the sun rising this morning and could see out in the distance, a few hot air balloons up in the air! I really do not want to leave such a view but of course really cannot wait to get back to the comforts of home!


My morning routine was as usual and then I had art history class. I have decided that I really like my Monday/Wednesday schedule now because they are quite relaxed! This morning we had a 39 minute class. I was shocked! It hit reality when he told us that we were done with the class but we should just finish up our papers which are due next class(Monday) and journals for the class after that(next Wednesday)! I was like AH this is crazy! So I left class and came up to my room to finish up my journal entry about Nice. I then started going through a few of the articles for my paper. I began to get a little bit tired from all the reading and fell asleep for about 45 minutes and realized I had to go down to get to lunch before it was over!


I returned to my room afterwards to just hang out for awhile and try not to stress about all these articles that I have to go through for my paper. I checked my emails and blogs, and really felt the need to get back to my research. It gets quite boring though reading one article after another with similar contents. So then my mind started to wander to blogs and online shopping! Just a bit distracted! And then I had my last Karl Lagerfeld Coca Cola Light!

It was delicious- crisp out of the can!


It is so hot out here today too that it somewhat is hard to concentrate especially with no air conditioning. I am probably making more excuses than necessary that I was procrastinating but it was about 85 in my room and that’s just not okay!


I ended up spending the afternoon getting a few articles read and began the paper by typing up the cover page! Go me! I have until Monday so I think this weekend will be actual writing time! But I will say now, I am not going to put it off because I hate doing things so last minute! I do not want to be stressing Sunday night! Then dinner time rolled around, and I decided afterwards that I would go up to the printmaking studio to finish up my monotype prints for the Vernissage.


My art history professor had a lecture tonight but I was feeling the pressure of school work and did not attend. I am sure it was great though- he is working on publishing his work. His lecture was about artist, Jason Rhoades.


Anyways, I got a few things done and returned to my room. As I have said before (I think), I am looking for an apartment inSavannah. One of my friends, Courtney, went to go look at one that I found today and unfortunately, not great results so I am still on the look out! Please pray that I find one within the next couple of weeks before I get back! Well today seemed very long but got some work accomplished! But Goodnight for now!