I woke up wondering why my alarm still had not gone off. And yes, it was the time it usually is when I am already showering. I anxiety ridden shot out of bed and really had a stressful time realizing that my routine was no longer going to happen this morning. I dealt with it though and got in the shower quickly. I really hate that feeling and unfortunately, put me in a bitter mood for most of the day.


I went up to the printmaking studio where we had a work day. I had already finished up my prints though for the Vernissage so I looked over them with Deb so that she could help me figure out frame sizes and if anything else was needed. I then printed more colographs on the printing press. I got a little creative with colors and just tried to play around with it since I am pretty much done with the class now! So crazy though it has not really actually hit me that I am done since we still have to prep for the Vernissage.


It was then linen exchange and lunch. So nice to come back after lunch and put new sheets on my bed! I am definitely ready for my own sheets and comfy bed though! I took all my work from printmaking also and photographed it! (Even the bad ones printed on newsprint!) I needed proof that I actually did studio work while I was here since I am not taking anything home! I then decided to finish up reading my articles for art history and check up on emails, and all. The articles I finished up pretty early so that was good to get out of the way. Then I began thinking I should start the paper but only got two sentences done and decided Facebook looked a lot more interesting! I then decided that I should do something productive so I went through the classes I will be taking in the Fall to order books. I then also looked up my future classes that I need to take to graduate. I have 105 credits and only need 75 more! I had no idea I was already more than half way done with having a minor and all so that was exciting news! I then chatted with my dad for a little bit before he left to take Avery toAustin! I also talked to Avery for awhile texting which was nice since we had not really talked much lately! Getting so excited for him to be at school! I am trying to figure out a time this fall that I can go visit for a long weekend! My afternoon was pretty uneventful and just very hot. The weather is a little ridiculous in not having any air conditioning. The room is a little bit miserable being 86 all day with a little fan! Oh well…its Lacoste!


I then went down for dinner. And afterwards, we had the frame lottery where there are left over frames from the previous quarter that we get to use. We went and drew numbers out of a hat to get one frame then come out stand in line and wait for another. I fortunately needed six 40cm by 50cm frames and there were 42 of them in the lottery! I ended up getting three so that was fabulous! Saved myself 33euros! Wahoo! There was quite the drama though with people cheating and all…even came into my room though I was not a participant and just tried to let it go!


Afterwards, I came back to my room and just fooled around on the internet! Really should have been getting work done but just not feeling it tonight! Tomorrow though for sure going to be working! I have to get my website done and this paper and then freedom for the rest of the quarter! Today I have been really feeling like homesick to just get home finally! I am so ready to be home! Only 12 more days! Much have to keep in mind to take each moment at a time but sometimes it is hard! Well I am off to bed! Going to get up early to get back to my routine and afterwards walk to Bonnieux for their Friday market! XOXO