So I woke up bright and early this morning. Well actually it was dark but I was up and ready to go since I had been disappointed for sleeping in yesterday! I got on with my typical routine and it is always quite on Friday mornings since it is the start to our weekends! I really like that though! When I returned from my run, I did not shower because I knew I would be walking to Bonnieux and it would be hot out! Instead, I got one of my magazines and sat out on the terrace.

It was so relaxing and nice especially before it was too hot out!


I then went down to breakfast and afterwards, headed to Bonnieux with Danna. I borrowed Danielle’s backpack to take so that I could fill it up with the souvenirs I was going to buy at the market. It was a long, hot walk there but always exciting to finally arrive! And on the way, we saw lots of grape vines that are finally getting ripe!

There was also a gorgeous yard with rose bushes all along the side of the road…I was fascinated by their beauty!

Could not stop taking pictures! When we arrived to Bonnieux, we walked around and went by quite a few vendors. I spent the rest of my Euros too! So tomorrow in Apt, I am going to have to take a few more out of the ATM! I had a good time looking around and then we decided to head back so that we would be back for lunch. It was already 11:30am and the walk usually takes around an hour. Now lunch is only from 12-1pm at the café so we were going to power walk back. So we saw this little path that said Lacoste 2 km. And we thought fabulous, short cut. OH but were we ever wrong about that! I had my Garmin watch on which shows you your distance and pace, etc. And after about a mile and half of walking, I told Danna, I thought we should probably turn around since we were going nowhere! So we had to head back to the main road and then get back on our way to Lacoste. We knew at that point we were missing lunch and just had a long ways to go. Not fun! Ha I tried to be the cheerleader though and get us through!


We got back around 1:30pm to Lacoste and luckily, the staff in the café let us in for lunch since it was still out! I went back to my room afterwards and just ran the cold shower on me! Oh and it felt so nice! I was worn out but knew I needed to work a bit on my paper. Unfortunately, Roxy was playing her movie without headphones in the room so that was quite the distraction. I then left to pick up my frames that had been delivered from IKEA and found out that they had run out of black frames. UGH so I have to spray paint mine before the Vernissage next week! I came back to the room and decided if she could play her movie so loudly, that yes I would too. I put on Miss Congeniality and watched it for about 45 minutes. I then decided to get back to the paper because I really was feeling a bit stressed! I then took a break, did some online shopping, looked for apartments, texted with Aveman, and just hung out until dinner time.


I went down to dinner and everyone seems just to be in a bitter mood. I think most of us are stressed and just really ready to go home for a break! Everyone seems quite overwhelmed with this being the last weekend of work. But it is hard to balance enjoying yourself as well as getting everything done on time! I came back up to the room afterwards to spread out all my articles on my bed and get to work on the paper. I just think the combination of working on my bed, extreme heat temperatures, and no motivation in this paper are not good for me! I did get 2 full pages typed with the bibliography most way done for my articles. So go me- At least a start! I decided then to go to bed somewhat early so that I get up and be ready to go to the Apt market in the morning! I cannot believe it’s the last weekend but it’s a happy/sad feeling right now! I think time is due for me to get home and back to reality! I am really going to miss being inFrancethough! I am thinking though next time I will be in a bigger city than one that does not even have an ATM! Oh well…Hope you are having a great start to your weekend and TGIF! XOXO!