Oh Saturday! I woke up before my alarm and decided to get up anyways! It was cooler this morning yet got hot quite quickly when the sun began to rise over the mountains! These past two mornings, hot air balloons have been out and I love the sight of them so I have been able to take a few pictures of them from my terrace! My morning was like every other except no breakfast on the weekends and headed straight to Apt once I got ready for the day!


The Apt Market was fabulous as always!

I took quite a few pictures and took my time walking around because it might have been my last weekend there unless I am one of the lucky ones who gets to go before the Vernissage next weekend!

The market always just has such great smells and has a good feel when arriving and being in that environment! Today my goal was souvenir shopping! I got quite a few things except my soap man wasn’t there which was a huge disappointment but I am hoping next weekend he will!

I also went to the Intermarche and picked up a few items from the grocery! We then returned to Lacoste around noon and I unpacked everything. I have filled up my whole carry on roller suitcase with souvenirs…lets hope I can get everything home!! I think I may be tossing out a few things to fit all my new goodies…oh well!


I then went down for lunch and returned to my room to work on this dang paper! It went well and I did not get too distracted. I did take a few breaks to chat with my mom, dad, and brother. But I stayed pretty focused and got almost 4 pages done before dinner time! Wahoo! Oh and I did laundry which was much needed because it is so hot here, I change like throughout the day! But about an hour before dinner, I called Avery and talked to him on the phone for about an hour which was AWESOME! He was just getting ready to go to Target to get last minute things for his dorm before my dad dropped him off! I really cannot believe he is at college and like grown up! AH! He said he is really excited though and likes his room so far so that’s good! I am planning to go visit him hopefully the last weekend of September before I get too busy with my classes for the fall quarter. After we got off the phone, I got on Facebook and had a message from one of my friends fromDenver, Nicole. She is probably one of the most amazing people I have ever met and such a wonderful influence for me. It has been a stuggle being away from support so it was really exciting for me to get a message from her. I also got two other messages from girls today fromDenverso it was like really reassuring for me to hear I have support and friends still from my experience there. So once I got off of the computer, I headed down to dinner. Many people are out of town this weekend traveling so it was pretty empty tonight!


I came back to my room and took a break from the paper to check my email, look for apartments, and just relax for a bit! I then called my mom and chatted for a bit while she was at Wal-Mart. Weird how I dream about going to such a place right now and to her she really did not want to be there shopping! I then got to work on my paper. I am just so miserable in this darn hot room of mine. I cannot help but complain about everything. So sorry but AH air conditioning- I think I have forgotten what that actually feels like!! We got an email from Eleanor this evening that there is heat wave going through and to drink lots of water and no physical activity between 11am and 3pm. Oh goodness- this French weather is going to kill me! But anyways, I then decided to go down to the Mac Lab to upload pictures from the fireworks at Bonnieux this past Tuesday night, the market in Bonnieux yesterday, and from my trip to the Apt market this morning! Hope you enjoy looking at them via Facebook! I am tired and as I was walking back up to my room the bell was ringing that it was midnight! Time for me to go to sleep! Goodnight!