I woke up right before my alarm went off this morning. I was ready to be up for the day I guess! It was already humid and hot though when I stepped outside. Not very pleasant so early in the morning! I was feeling slow as molasses but then got ready for class and went on the classroom.


Everyone was there so ready to turn in their papers. My teacher was actually running a bit late so we waited outside the classroom for a second for him. We all handed the papers in and sat down. He was like I do not want to keep you guys long so thank you for turning in the papers and you guys can go work on whatever you need to get done for the final show and be ready to turn in your journals on Wednesday! It was literally the shortest class period I think I have ever been in. Not sure we made it 15 minutes! Now I definitely cannot complain about that! I headed down to the computer lab where I checked my website that I submitted from last night just to reconfirm that everything was working! I also had gotten a few emails from my mom, Sylvie and Bee, Jessie, and Hannah so I was excited to read those! Unfortunately, there is a lack of bathroom facilities around Lacoste much less anywhere aroundFranceso I headed back up to my room so that I could go to the bathroom! I then worked on the finishing touches of my journal. I had re-glue a few things and put some pressed flowers in that I had been saving. Then I decided that I should go buy the matte board for my frames for the Exposition (the final show.) (Today I found out that the final show is actually called the Exposition but the celebratory gathering of the final night of the show is the Vernissage!) So then I cut it up for the appropriate sized frames and decided to call it a day with that. Tomorrow in class, we are also working on finishing up the pieces of work so I thought I will just finish it up then!


Lunchtime then came around where I got my package- a little one with gold ole crystal light and some tasty gum! Gum is like ridiculously expensive here…quite strange! And then afterwards I came back to the room. It was such a great feeling just to be done with everything. Its like AH now I can relax…I do not think I have had that feeling since about the first week in being here before we  had any real work to do! So as I was sitting on my bed painting my nails, Roxy came over near my bed and said um Hey Wallis…Sorry about yesterday I was in a bad mood with all that I had to do and I am embarrassed about it…Sorry. I said my Its okay. But I was still disappointed with the whole situation especially with the immaturity to delete me off of Facebook when we are still living together. I am just so over it at this point that I was just glad that now there is a little less tension in the room.


I then returned Shelley her nail polish down at the computer lab. I have silvery nails 🙂 It seems like most people are just finishing up their work though so it’s a little crazy around town. I tell you, I am so glad that I kept up with my journal as the quarter went by because I would be dying if I had left it until the last minute to do!


So then I came back to my room and just hung out because it was literally too hot to move! 90 degrees in my room is just not okay! My dad called me and we tried to talk for a bit but the internet was just really slow and choppy today. But I decided then to go through my journal again to make sure pages were not stuck to one another, and then went through a couple entries with a bolder pen so that it would be clearer to read! It was just so hot though that I went down to the Mac Lab where there is a little bit of AC so that I could do the peer feedback on the websites for my online class. I then went down to dinner.


I returned to my room to look at apartments and try to find at least something that could work because I am starting to get a little bit worried. I have nothing at this point so hopefully one of my friends will be able to look at a couple that I have found. It was nice tonight with a little breeze finally coming in the room. The smell of a wood fire wafted through the room and it smelled delicious! I so badly miss being outside at the house with the firepit going on a cool night. I literally just hung out in my room for the rest of the night on Facebook and being bored! Nice change but felt like I should be doing something! I briefly got to chat with Avery who was going to a frat event thing and then some hall meeting! Who knows! Today we got all the information about leaving so it definitely feels like things around here are wrapping up! Well I am going to bed now and preparing myself for a good Tuesday ahead! Bon soir!


PS Hannah I am sorry  I have not yet responded to you!!!! I will tomorrow morning!