I woke up this morning with an excitement and sadness that it was my last morning of art history. I got on with my normal routine and while coming back into Lacoste, I was really taking in my surroundings. It is so crazy that when you are down in the valley, it’s a lot cooler and I had the feeling as if I were back at summer camp. It is really like nature-y and reminded me of being at summer camp at Camp Columba which is out in the woods. My first over night camp which was huge for me and I loved it! I returned to get ready for my day.


We arrived down at the art history studio where we all just turned in our journals to Professor Gross. He asked who wanted to display their journals so I volunteered as one of the eight from our class because I felt like I worked hard and thought it would be nice to be able to show to others. I am excited to see other peoples during the Exposition because we did not really get to see anyone else’s in the class except for the outer covers.


I then had to go give one of the girls, Jessica, who is in charge of making labels, a list from our class of who is displaying theirs. I walked up to Studio 2 where they were beginning to spackle the walls and prepare for the show. I was complimented on my “cute shirt” by Deb and it put a smile on my face! I returned to my room and it was only about 9:30am so I decided to read my last magazine, Elle! It was pretty good with Mila and Justin on the cover. I read through it and then Danielle and Shelley came in after about an hour and a half. I had to go take the garbage out since it was all full but came back to my room to talk to them and continue with our Words with Friends games via Facebook. I hate that I am addicted now to playing a stupid game! I am not sure it will last long though! I did get distracted with checking my emails, blogs, and the continual search for an apartment! It was then time to go to lunch!


After lunch, I returned to my room to hideout and being a bad girl when I was supposed to go spackle and paint the studios for the Exposition. I ended up playing a few games and falling asleep for about an hour. It was a little cooler in my room so it was nice just to relax but then Danielle came in and made me feel quite guilty about how everyone was working hard…blah. So I got up and went to the printmaking studio. Everything was pretty much finished and my artwork was positioned to where we are going to hang everything tomorrow so YAY! I then went to Eleanor’s office to get some meds because something bit my leg and its quite swollen and itchy. I headed to the Mac Lab to then work on my online discussion board. My teacher keeps giving me like 92s as grades for the discussions so I emailed her yesterday, asking how I could raise my grade. She just said I don’t know your exact grade but participate more so that’s what I am doing!! It just is not that much fun looking at people’s websites and giving them feedback when the concept and design is something that just really does not interest me. But hey…I am going for that A! I came back to my room late in the afternoon to hang out! So nice not having any work to get done and feel stress free! AH who knew it would come so quickly! Deb came by my dorm around 5pm and they were starting to look at where things were going to be hung outside. She chose my prints to be outside my dorm area along the iron gate and bushes! I think it should be a good spot…I had to go get them from the printmaking studio and set them out there. It is really cool to start seeing everyone’s work because I have not really seen anything besides people in my class. I hung out in my room then until dinner time.


Afterwards, I had to go retrieve my prints from the bushes where they were propped up. Tomorrow in my printmaking class, we are going to actually hang everything for the show on Friday. Since my artwork is going to be outside though, I have to be able to bring it in each night. A bit of a pain but I think it will be nice to have my work displayed outside! I then went down to the Mac Lab to work more on my discussion board for the online class. I also did a little online shopping…well I did not end up buying anything but definitely was browsing! I cannot wait to get back and see what is out in stores! And then I uploaded the rest of my images from my printmaking class!

(this is a Colograph Plate that I made and then printed from)

(One of my Colograph prints)

I came back to my room to get ready for bed and go to sleep! It has been a really long day. I am ready for Thursday! Bon soir!


Oh and today, I killed a huge bee and a scorpion!! Just another day in Lacoste…