I love Sundays especially because I sleep in usually for a little bit longer than usual! I got up and went on a long walk! But before that, I was so excited to wake up with a text message from Avery telling me about his first night, and then a great email from Jessie! She is a longtime friend of my grandmother’s fromMexicoand I had not heard from her in awhile. It was great to hear that she is following my blog:) And I had forgotten that she had lived inParisfor awhile back in the 60s-70s. I remember seeing pictures of my grandparents where they had gone to visit her in her apartment! So it was so nice to hear from her! Anyways, it was already pretty warm outside but not too bad out! I went on a different path than normal and walked by a few fields with grapes! It was very beautiful out! While I was outside, I listened to my book on my iPod which kept me quite entertained! Now that I am like in the middle of it, I am more into it!


I got back and got ready for my day! By then it was about 12:30pm so I went down and had lunch in the café. I returned to my room and worked on my paper. It was a lot of just going through research to finish it up. I finally was finished by the end of the afternoon and realized that instead of 6 pages…I ended up with 8! I could not believe it. This particular professor grades down if the paper is too long so I took out a few things and went to print it off at the computer lab! I was so excited to finally have it done with!


I came back to my room and skyped with Avery for awhile. He gave me the tour of his room and then I even got to meet his roommate. He seems to be settling in well which is awesome! Seems like everyone is just finishing up moving in and they are starting festivities tonight since classes do not start until Wednesday. He decided to end the call though so that he could go to the gym. What a guy! Ha


Afterwards, I checked for apartments and did the usual check of my blogs and emails,etc. Nothing too exciting! I then headed down for dinner in at the café. I went down later so not many people were there but I sat with Shelley who was my writing companion this weekend in that we were both pushing each other to stay motivated in finishing our papers! She though had finished last night so she made sure I was finished up with mine! Thankfully I was!


I went back up to my room afterwards and walked into this loud music playing. To say the least, one of my roommates was playing her music very loudly since she was the only one in there. Once I was there for about 5 minutes, I figured she would put her headphones in but no. So I asked her nicely to please put her headphones in and Wow…she blew up cursing and saying it is her room too etc. I was a little bit shocked and defended myself but somehow she just made me feel awful. So that was a turn for the worst in the night. Danielle came in the room afterwards because she had been on the terrace and heard everything that had happened. The other roommate then left and Danielle was shocked as well. We felt a bit awkward and just really still are uncomfortable about the whole thing. So now I am just thinking to myself… only 8 days!!


I knew that I needed to get my website done as well by tonight so I went down to the Mac Lab with a committed mind to complete it quickly and well! I changed a few things from my original pages that I had submitted and then had to go through the tutorial on how to create the html codes through Photoshop to put the pages then into Dreamweaver so that they work via the internet. What a process that was!! But hey…I did it after about an hour and half! I was quite impressed with myself in that they actually worked and everything linked to the various pages! Wahoo!


I returned to my room right before 11 and now I am getting ready for bed. No one is in my room right now so lets hope no more drama occurred while I was away! Hope you had a great weekend and enjoyed it like I did mine! I successfully got through the work that I needed to and enjoyed going to the markets! Now just have to power through this week and finish up with the Vernissage on Friday and Saturday! Tomorrow my goal is to frame my six prints from printmaking that I am presenting for the show. Hopefully I will be able to do that in the afternoon and then Oh- I have completed my classes here in Lacoste! (Now just the online one to finish up!) I am feeling pretty confident with my stress levels at this point here just thinking about home makes me a little crazy! I just have to take one step at a time though and things will be alright! XOXO