Saturday! Sunday, Jul 31 2011 

Oh and it was the same ole morning routine today except we don’t have breakfast on Saturday but got on the bus to go to Apt! Eleanor dropped us off around 9:20am but told us that she had to take a few people to the doctor so we would not be picked back up until 12:15pm!—an hour more than usual!


Side note: There is the Lacoste epidemic that has been spreading around since we went toParis. I have not yet gotten it…but I am being very cautious! Danielle had it and is still recovering and I slept in the same bed as her inParisso I am praying that I do not suddenly get ill! Seems like the same symptoms for everyone with lack of energy, congestion, fever, and a lot of coughing…ew!


I enjoyed walking around the market by myself this morning. I got to enjoy the wonderful smells especially that of roast chickens, baking baguettes, pastries, paella, olives, tempanade, and the pizza. Oh how I wish I could share with you the greatness of it all!

I then went to the Super Marche to pick up a few items like fruit and crackers! I made sure not to buy too much because I found out my mom sent me another package secretly but Ed accidentally sent me the link to the shipping information! She then spilled that its full of snacks for me so Yay! I then walked back through the market taking a few pictures…I feel like I try to capture new things each week but usually the same stands are set up so I am sorry if my pictures get repetitive!

I decided then around 11:50am to go sit outside the bakery next to the bridge in the sun and just watch the action of the market and the people interacting.

It is always an experience to people watch here especially in the market! I also love observing the different clothing that the people wear along with just the lifestyle they live with attending the market weekly to get their essentials! So not typical in the states which I wish we did have!


Peter (Eleanor’s husband) then picked us up and drove us back to Lacoste. It was lunch time and then I went back to my room to get to work with my journal. I did start working on it but did get a bit sidetracked into looking for vacation spots for my free weekend here in August. I am thinking it is betweenCannesand Nice right now so just trying to figure out the final plans for it! I then got back to my journal though and worked until dinnertime.


It was so nice out today and I was sad that I did not get to spend more time out there. Around 4pm though, I did walk out on the terrace to look down to the town square where the festival Olympics were being held! Lots of commotion and fun going on it looked like!


After dinner, I came back to my room to get working on this journal that I am still currently working on. It has taken much longer than I expected but I know I will be glad to have it done well when it is finished! Tonight for the festival, they served paella in the town square which smelled very good from my window! Smelled smoky like a wood fire which I love! And now they are having reggae and soul music playing and lots of dancing it looks like! Stephany just yelled up to my window to come down when the DJ starts in about an hour but I have a feeling I will be asleep considering it is already midnight here! I was glad this afternoon though to text my brother for awhile! I had not talked to him barely since I had been here so we caught up a bit. I also got all my appointments set up for when I get back- the essential needs in my life aka nails, toes, hair, eyes, doctor, and eyebrows! So excited…you have no idea! Tonight, I also got to skype with Hannah for awhile which was awesome! It has been hard not getting the opportunity to spend time with my cousins this summer so being in touch through skype is awesome! And I am so excited to see that Ben started his blog for his travels toFinlandthis year! Well tomorrow, I have a busy day already planned out… wake up and go on my walk, lunch, printmaking, bookmaking workshop, need to finish up my logo design work for my computer arts class online, and then there is a sunset orchestra tomorrow night for the end of the Lacoste festival! Let’s hope I get it all done! But for now, goodnight!


Friday in Saint Remy and Glanum! Saturday, Jul 30 2011 

Well I had my day off today which was so fabulous! I was so happy to sleep in before our excursion to the town of Saint Remy! We left from Lacoste at 9am for about an hour long bus ride.

We arrived to Saint Remy around 10:15am went immediately to the town next to it called Glanum. It is particularly known for two well-preserved Roman monuments of the 1st century B.C., known as les Antiques, a mausoleum and a triumphal arch, the oldest one in France, located at the site.Both architectural monuments were very cool to see. It was quite windy though so I was so happy that the sun was shining! We then walked across the street to a part of the town that was more recently discovered since Van Gogh had been in the Asylum right down the road.

To give some information about Glanum, it did not survive the collapse of the Roman Empire. The town was overrun and destroyed by the Alamanni in 260 A.D., and was subsequently abandoned, its inhabitants moving a short distance north into the plain to found a city that later was named Saint-Remy-de-Provence. After its abandonment Glanum became a source of stone and other building materials for Saint-Remy. Since the Roman system of drains and sewers was not maintained, the ruins were often flooded and covered with mud and sediment. The mausoleum and triumphal arch, together known as “Les Antiques,” were famous, and were visited by King Charles IX, who had the surroundings cleaned up and maintained. Some excavations were made around the monuments as early as the 16th and 17th centuries, finding sculptures and coins, and by the marquis de Lagoy in the Vallons-de-Notre-Dame in the 19th century. The first systematic excavations began in 1921, directed by the architect of historic monuments, Jules Foremigé. From 1921 until 1941, the archeologist Pierre LeBrun worked on the site, discovering the baths, the basilica, and the residences of the northern town. From 1942 until 1969, Rolland took over the work and excavated the area from the forum to the sanctuary. New excavation and exploration work began in 1982, devoted mainly to preservation of the site, and to exploring beneath sites already discovered for older works

A couple of us hiked up one of the hills to the top of where the ruins are and were able to look out on the town. It was absolutely gorgeous!

Afterwards, we took the bus down to the town ofSaint Remy. We had about three hours to explore and enjoy the town. They gave us a packed lunch but there was no way I was going to eat that while we were in such a cute town with lots of restaurants and stores. Shelley, Alissa, and I went to a little café called La Cantina. I ordered an arugala salad with smoked salmon! I was thrilled to get arugala instead of the typical lettuce that we get in the cafeteria every day! We then walked down the road to a famous chocolatier, Joel Durand. I picked up a few treats for those back home 🙂 I went off on my own at that point to walk around since there was a wine tasting and market going on! It was fun to see the town and walk around for awhile. I then had to go by the ATM and head to the bus by 2:15pm.

We drove back up the road to Saint Paul de Mausole Asylum where Van Gogh stayed from May 1889 to June 1890. I remembered at that point that I had been there! I was like AH this looks so familiar! It was really cool though to see it with a different perspective. I had not realized that he was self admitted there and had really produced a lot of his work there because he was in his element as opposed to feeling his struggles of the outside world. It was interesting also to see the work of the patients who are now there. Last time I was there, my dad and I had picked out a painting that now hangs in my house at home! After being in an art therapy class inDenver, I really had a new appreciation for the work though and the process of how it works. We got to go out to the lavender gardens and sunflower field! And it was hot outside so all was great!

We got back on the bus around 3:45pm and headed back to Lacoste. We got back and I jumped in the shower because I was feeling kind of sweaty and gross from walking around in the heat. I then hopped in my bed and fell asleep until 6:30pm when dinner started! I stayed in my room for a bit though talking to my dad about travel plans for when I get back to the states. I cannot believe it is only a four weeks away!

I came back up after dinner and researched about traveling toMonacofor one weekend in August that we have free! I am hoping it works out because it would be great to experience a new place and be an independent traveler!! Otherwise I may go to Nice orParis…just trying to figure it out while I have a bit of time! But for now, I can hear the music starting down at the festival for Disco Night! I am off to sleep though! Hopefully, I will be able to get on one of the buses to go to Apt in the morning to go to the market…otherwise I am going to be pretty disappointed! Hope you have a great start to your weekend! Bonsoir!

Jeudi- Thursday! Friday, Jul 29 2011 

I woke up this morning to look out my window and feel as if I was in a cloud! It was so strange to see that we were up higher than the clouds in the valley…It was like I was floating!

As I was running, I usually can look across the valley and see the Chateau in Lacoste but not today! It appeared as if Lacoste did not even exist…very strange visually! I had my usual morning routine and went to the printmaking studio!


Today was our second critique for the quarter! We all hung up our work and each went along with discussion about our work and feedback, etc. I was up second and I had three pieces that I created specifically for the project and then three that I had just created out of curiosity of messing around with ink and was not planning on presenting those. I hung up my three and then my professor suggested that I hang the other three as well. We are not allowed to explain at first but have to get feedback first and then we are allowed to discuss.

My class though really liked the three that I had not planned on showing. My professor was actually more interested in those than the top three that I had made for the project. I was very surprised but happy with the results. My professor suggested that I add a bit more to the compositions but that I have worked hard and my work was well done! I was happy with the critique but know I have some work to do with the pieces before handing them in for a grade on Tuesday!


Today is Thursday so I then had to take my linens for linen exchange in the cave and get new sheets! Love that! It was lunch time so I went down to lunch and came back to make up my bed. I realized though that I had not signed up for the Saturday morning trip to Apt for the market so I went back down to the café. As I was walking down, one of my friends stopped me and said did you see you have a big package! I was like AH no! So I excitedly headed down and signed up for the market as well as picking up my package! I came back to my room to open up the package from my mom with all the essentials!—crystal light, popcorn, all new magazines, new DVDs, new shirt from J.Crew as well as earrings and letters from Aveman, Sylvie and my mom! It was so fabulous and perfect timing because lunch today was bad so I went straight to the lounge to make a bag of kettle corn! I then went out on the terrace and very much enjoyed it!


Today was gorgeous out for the first time since we have been back from Paris! Thank goodness! I decided I would lie out on the terrace with my Ipod and new magazines! It was absolutely fabulous! I ended up falling asleep while listening to my book but then read Rolling Stone with Katy Perry on the cover! I came in around 5pm to go down to the computer lab to thank my mom and upload some more of my pictures from Paris. I stayed in there for about an hour and then headed back to my room to shower and get ready for dinner.


I had dinner and returned to my room just to relax! And that is exactly what I have been doing ever since! I painted my nails with my Chanel Steel color and decided not to do any work! Tomorrow we are going on an all day excursion to Glanum and St. Remy for my art history class. We go on a tour in the morning but have the afternoon to adventure the town on our own! I am excited to do something different and get out of Lacoste for the day! This weekend though is the Lacoste village festival so it is going to be quite busy around here! So glad it is my weekend and hope you are having a great Thursday! XOXO

Wet Wednesday! Thursday, Jul 28 2011 

I woke up this morning thinking I was maybe going to be rained out of my run but alas I got up and looked outside and it was very very gloomy but not yet raining. As soon as I hit the pavement, it started to sprinkle! I was praying it would not get worst and luckily God was watching me as I got through the rain and back to my room before it started to pour! I got ready for class and was excited because we were going on a field trip!

My class squeezed into two of the SCAD mini buses to go to Caseneuve. It is a small castle town on the other side of Apt. It was about a forty five minute drive in the rain but it was absolutely gorgeous. The town is up on a hillside similar to Lacoste and looking out with all the fog and clouds was spectacular though I did not want to get out of the bus! We arrived to John Pierre Soalhat’s studio. He is a mosaic artist who has been very successful as an artisan creating Roman mosaics.

He works with noble and antique raw materials found in the surrounding ruins of Provence, most more than 2,000 years old. This is what characterizes his creations and makes them so unique and precious. He uses pieces of Roman tile, broken terra cotta jugs, and scatted pieces of antique marble for his work. He cuts the pieces into small reglettes to form the images that become his mosaics. The technique used to assemble the reglettes into images is similar to the ancient upside-down placement method re-invented by the Italian mosaicist, Facchina, at the end of the 18th century. The only contemporary improvement is the addition of resins and cements that make the pieces weather resistant, and therefore adequate for exteriors, swimming pools, fountains, etc.

He showed us works that he had created more recently and they were just absolutely gorgeous. He was lucky that when he started, he took his work to a market in Paris where he sold a table to a member of U2. His name was then popularized worldwide! Since then, he has created tables for Carnegie Hall, Sandra Bullock, Russell Crowe, and many others.

Afterwards, we got to visit his home. It was small but in an amazing historical building in the town. It had an amazing view with an open porch. It was very unfortunate that it had been raining; otherwise we could have spent more time enjoying the view! He offered us pastries and drinks! He was so welcoming and nice!

We returned to Lacoste for lunch and then I came back to my room to take my nap! I had been so cold though that I could not warm up. I decided to get in the hot shower! It was so fabulous! I then put on my pajamas and sweatshirt and fell right asleep! I got up to work on my journal for awhile and decided I needed really badly to go print but it was still raining out and I could not bring myself to leave my bed! I instead stayed and worked until dinner on my journal. Got one more day ofParisdone! I think I may be going far too much into details but I think it will be something that I keep for the rest of my life so I have decided it is worth it to work hard!

It was then dinner time and I went right to the printmaking studio to get started and finished before critique tomorrow!! I went in there alone 😦 ha no but that was good because I was able to spread out and work without distraction! Shelley then came in to work for a bit and played some tunes from her iPhone! I then tried to finish all my layers of printing as quickly as I could and finally got finished right before 11pm! Wahoo! I got back to my room and no one is here which is kind of nice just to get ready for bed and go to sleep! I am kind of nervous for critique tomorrow to see what my class and professor will say about my prints but ill get back to you tomorrow and tell you how it goes! Goodnight! Oh and it has finally stopped raining!

Tuesday Wednesday, Jul 27 2011 

Well last night, I went to sleep quickly but then was awoken by Danielle and Sara coming in to leave to go stay with some guys they had been with at the bar. I could not believe how loud they were but made sure they got out quickly! I went back to sleep but then did not want to get up when my alarm went off this morning! I did my morning routine and was off to the printmaking studio.


I arrived to class and it was a work day…thank goodness! I was commended on my work though by my professor so that was nice! I felt good about what I had started and continued working during class. I experimented with a few ideas and am going to continue layering tomorrow for my critique on Thursday during class. I think it is good just to keep on working on these prints until you come out with something that feels complete. I guess I could keep layering for a long time but it takes awhile for the ink to dry to that is going to prevent me from going over the top with different layers!


It was then lunchtime and then I came back to my room. I have found that with internet in my room, I really do not leave much…I am not sure if that is a good or bad thing yet!? I got all my pamphlets, tickets, etc. organized by day from Parisso that I could start my journal. I decided then though to take a nap so I slept for about 2 hours. I woke up though having a really weird dream that had seemed like it was reality. I do not really like that feeling so I was kind of weirded out! I then decided to look for an apartment on craigslist which has been the goal before I leave here. Nothing too exciting came up today but I guess more will be coming with the September 1st date being a big day for new leases to pick up with the SCAD quarter starting in the fall. I worked a bit on my journal and then called Avery. Unfortunately, he is sick with the stomach bug so I felt really bad for him in having such a awful morning. There is a sickness going around here as well and I am hoping not to get it. I also called my mom to chat for a bit. Trying just to figure out plans for when I get back…lots of appointments and all to fit during the one week I have before returning toSavannah for school!


Dinner time came around so then I returned to my room to honker down with the work. I was going to go print but Danielle had gone in the studio and said there were a lot of people in there so I decided to stay in my room instead to work on my journal. I had no idea how long it would take to doParis. I am only on Day 2! The weather today was again cloudy and cool so I have not really been motivated to do much. It has been good for me to relax in my room though but bad for my procrastination! I am excited for tomorrow’s art history class since we are going on a field trip to Casanauvre to a local artist’s studio! I am going to try and go to bed earlier tonight! Bonsoir!

Lazy Monday Tuesday, Jul 26 2011 

This morning, I woke up for the normal Lacoste routine! It was quite windy out though so I was very excited to get back to my room to get ready for the day and get in the warm shower! It was a jeans and jacket type of day with it only being in the mid 70s!


My professor cancelled our field trip this morning for art history so that we could have a bit of downtime after our adventures inParis. We got to class and he explained to us that his father has suddenly made a turn for the worst with his pancreatic cancer so unfortunately, he might have to leave to go back to the states for a week. I feel so sorry for him because he is really unsure as to the best thing to do. We then went around the room explaining our “favorite” part ofParis. It was interesting to hear about what people did and liked. I talked about my adventure to the Musee Bourdelle to see the Madame Gres exhibit. We then had a break and came back to get our papers returned to us. I did alright for the first paper. Of course can always make improvements! We also got our assignment for our final paper due at the end of August. I guess it is already time to start thinking about it though! After, we had the opportunity to go and work freely on our journals for class. We are presenting them at the Vernissage as our final piece from the class. I have been working on mine and focusing my attention to my senses with each field trip and experience that I have. I have a lot of catching up to do fromParisthough. I decided to go down to the computer lab to print off a few images to use and then it was lunch time!


I went back to my room after lunch to relax a bit and read my Elle from July! It was nice just to have some time to lie down. I then fell asleep around 3pm and did not wake up until 6pm! I researched a bit online to look for an apartment- I found one great one so I am hoping they email me back with more information! I am already getting excited about coming home! AH need to stop thinking so far in the future and enjoy my time now. What I really would love is just to bring the view from my window here back home and that would be so fabulous! Don’t think it will happen though! I called my dad and then my mom just to check in for a second. Unfortunately, the wifi calling was not working as well today though so I was getting a bit frustrated with repeating myself over and over again! It was then dinner time so I headed to the café.


I am pretty sick of the cafeteria food now especially when most meals have cheese in them and I cannot eat cheese so I usually come back to my room to snack but since we were gone last week, the only food I have is pretzels and is getting pretty old. I am in need of my Trader Joe’s right now! I then worked a bit on my online class and decided around 9:30pm that I should really get to my printmaking since we are having a critique tomorrow and I had nothing done yet! I went up to the PC computer lab to scan in an image to then print on the printing press. It did not take too long to get done but by the time I got into the printmaking studio it was already about 10:20pm! I had mixed my color already and had my paper cut so I got out a brayer to roll the ink and then realized…someone had not cleaned it so my ink was turning black. Major frustrating moment! But Alyssa, another graduate student from my class, was in there working so we were talking and she helped me distress a bit! I cleaned up my area and started over to mix my new ink and got printing rather quickly! I got three prints through the press and called it a night!


I came back to my room close to midnight to go to sleep! There is a jazz concert down at the bar tonight so most people are there! I am off to go to bed though for an early morning and class! I still think my body is just worn out from being so busy inParisrunning around the town to see everything! Definitely missing home though right now and ready for a home meal! Oh and a grocery store like Trader Joes…oh sounds so fabulous! Well I am off to sleep! Bonsoir!

Back to Lacoste Monday, Jul 25 2011 

Oh and I never knew how happy I could be to be back in Lacoste! Weird I know! It was really nice to come back to my home away from home though and actually have drawers to put my clothes in as opposed to living out of my suitcase! This morning, I slept in later than usual and then went on my usual Sunday long walk. It was nice to get outside where it was actually sunny!! Today has been very extremely windy though. I was pretty cold out this morning but the sun kept me going along with my iPod! I returned to my room, got all my laundry done, got ready for the day, and went to lunch!


I came back to my room to organize my things a bit and get settled back in. I figured that I would start going through all my pictures from Paris…boy was that a job! I had not realized that I had taken so many photos! It has been very nice to come back and have internet in my room…I did not leave my bed until dinner! Yes, quite pathetic! I think I was also dehydrated though because in Paris I did not drink much at all because I did not like having to find a place to use the restroom while I was out and about! Anyways, I decided this afternoon to try to use my phone through Wifi calling so it was exciting when I got to talk to my dad on the phone in my room! I then called Avery and my mom! Avery had just woken up around 11am and was preparing to make brunch with Edward! Felt nice to be connected with my phone again since it had been so long! I then talked to my mom for a bit…trying to figure out a logo for my computer arts class online. Yes…it is due by midnight tonight! I sketched a few things and have been playing around with ideas that are related to fashion. I never knew it would be so difficult to come up with something using a W and T though!


I went to dinner and returned to my room to finish up going through my pictures and uploading them to my flash drive. I then went down to the Mac Lab to upload the pictures to Facebook and to work on my logo in a program called Illustrator. Learning these new programs on the Macs is very interesting but quite a challenge when you have no idea what is going on! Thank goodness there was a girl in the computer lab who helped me get started with recreating my sketches in the program. I finished up just a bit ago and am back in my bed! It is quite chilly outside with wind but I guess I cannot complain with being comfortable while falling asleep instead of sweating to death! Not sure which option is better right now though with my layers of warmer clothes!


I am hoping that this week is going to be a good one! I have art history in the morning and already our field trip has been canceled due to our teacher wanting us to have a break after all our craze in Paris and we get to catch up on our journaling so it should be good! For my afternoon, I am going to have to power our some prints and get something done for our critique later this week! Ideas…ideas…ideas…that is what I am going to dream about tonight! Hope you had a wonderful weekend, are looking forward to a great week ahead, and goodnight!

Amazing last day in Paris! Sunday, Jul 24 2011 

I cannot tell you how tired just exhausted my body was this morning that there was no way I was getting up and running. I got back in bed and fell asleep for another hour, then awoke and got ready for my day! I packed up everything from the hotel and headed out at a little before 10am! I really had no huge intentions of what I was going to do besides go over to the Longchamp store to buy my specialParisedition bag!


I walked around for awhile and finally the sun came out so I stopped at a little café. I sat in the sun enjoying it while I could and drinking my Coca Cola Zero! I really have found that especially in Paris, people watching is just fabulous! You really never know what or who you will end up seeing which I love!


I then figured that I would walk around a few more stores and then head to Printemps (the well known department store inParis!) I stopped into 4 Chanel stores before doing that…yes a bit pathetic but was so tempted to buy these earrings. I did not end up buying them though I was so close! I also stopped by a few stores with major sales but unfortunately, it seems that most of the stores sales still are more expensive than what I would be paying for in theUS. Although I did not buy much, it was still great to window shop and really get a sense of style around Paris. I definitely was inspired by everything that was going on.


As soon as I walked into Printemps, it started to rain so I was very lucky with my timing! There are 6 floors of woman’s everything. It was similar to the Lafayettegallery that I went to on the first day I was in Parisbut a little bit more specialized and in a beautiful building. There are actually 3 buildings to Printemps though with the women’s, men’s, and home, etc. I walked around for awhile and then Robert had suggested that I go to the 6th floor of the building for lunch at the café. I went up there but sadly it was closed for renovation. Instead, I went to the bottom -1 floor and had a nice Lebanese lunch…nothing I would have ever ordered but hey, I went with it, I guess always good to get out of your comfort zone! I then continued shopping and saw that they had a beauty salon. I went over see about getting a manicure but of course, they were booked for the day 😦 Oh well…worth the try! I decided to go over to the home building to check out the gourmet food section! I picked up a few things as souvenirs and then decided to leave. I saw that outside had cleared up a bit and it was almost 3pm!


I headed back to Rue Saint Honore and the area around because there are a lot of name brand, fabulous stores to look around at. I ended up going back to Colette too because I wanted to get another Karl Lagerfeld special edition Coca Cola bottle. The store is just so cool…I do not know how to put it in words…just cool! Anyways, the floor underneath is a café and bar so I went down and sat at the bar. I ordered my drink and after, the guy next to me said “you must be from the South!” I was a little shocked and said yes explaining that I was there for school, etc. Come to find that he is a buyer inNew Yorkfor Urban Outfitters! He came toParisfor the weekend to take some photos and get some inspiration…I was like uh hello connection! He gave me his business card and it was great to sit and chat. Though while I was talking to him, some creepy guy came up to me and was like “hey remember last year around this time in Miami” and I was like uhh no…proceeded to think I was someone else and it was quite awkward. I was hoping the guy from Urban Outfitters did not think badly of me but I could not really do anything about it! I then left Colette and searched for Didier Ludot where Robert had said there was amazing vintage clothing. I went to the store, and wow I was amazed. There was everything from Dior to Chanel. The dresses were of course very expensive but it was so amazing to see them and their beauty!


The last stop I wanted to make before going back to the hotel for my bags was at 7L. 7L is Karl Lagerfeld’s bookstore. Robert again had said it was a place to go so I thought it would be a good last stop! I walked in and looked around for a bit…lots of inspiration art books and yes fashion books! So as I am reading one of Karl Lagerfeld’s book towards the front of the store…I look up and THERE HE WAS! I was not sure what to do whether I was just going to faint or die in the moment!  He just walked in was talking to the man who was at the front helping someone. The guy next to me, was like “DO you see who that is?!” I was like AH YES! It ended up that the guy was fromNew Yorkand actually works for Chanel there. It was just an amazing moment and I am still star struck! I continued to look around the store, but figured that it would be a pain to carry back a huge book on the plane home with me so I got a few titles to buy when I get back home. I then left and just was not sure what to do with myself out of excitement! I stopped by a little Tabac shop where they sell magazines and picked up the latest August Paris Vogue and Vanity Fair! I was thrilled to see that they were for sale since I would not be able to get anything like that in Lacoste (last time I looked, they still have June’s magazines out in the middle of July!)


I made it back to the hotel right at 6pm to pick up my bags and jump on the 63 bus to the Gare de Lyon train station. I made it right before 6:40pm and waited until about 7pm to board the train! I immediately fell asleep and woke up when we arrived inAvignonat 10pm! We were then greeted by Peter (Eleanor’s husband) and rode the bus back to Lacoste! We then had to carry our bags at about 11pm up the hill to our dorms…I honestly did not know if I would make it but alas, I did! I unpacked, and got in bed to write my blog! I am unfortunately now awake from sleeping all evening on the train and bus! Chatting with my mom though and catching her up on my day! I also am anxiously thinking about how much work I have to do tomorrow so hopefully I will be able to fall asleep after this, wake up and get my work done along with my laundry! I am praying that the weather will be better and warmer here than inParis…i want to badly to wear shorts again! OH and we now have internet in our room?! Life is good! XOXO

Fabulous Friday! Saturday, Jul 23 2011 

I awoke this morning to just thinking one more hour of sleeeeep please! I got up though and went running…I decided to go on a few of the big streets and pass by Laduree to see the window displays! Now if you don’t know what Laduree is…just take a peak at their website…AMAZING! I got back and got ready for the excursion to Versailles for the day!


Kelsey, Laurel, Mollie, Mallorie, Jessica, Stephany, and I got on the metro and headed there just before 10am. We ended up arriving closer to 11am and then saw that there was a huge line although we had our museum passes. I know we are awful people but we skipped close to the front where people were not paying attention and had left a huge gap. I felt a little guilty until I realized we would have been waiting outside for about 2 more hours just to get in! While we were touring the King’s Palace, it was just cloudy outside but just as we walked outside to see the gardens and Mary Antoinette’s estate…it started to pour! We all had our umbrellas but as we started to walk, I told them there was no way I could be miserable the rest of the day from being wet especially my feet. We turned around and waited for a bit at the Palace. Kelsey and I then decided we would get on the train that drives you there so we could stay dry! The rest wanted to go ahead and walk. We got to one of the apartment homes where guests stayed. They were having an exhibit featuring famous designers such as Christian Dior, Chanel, etc. with garments inspired by Marie Antoinette displayed throughout. It was so awesome to see designs throughout the 20th and 21st centuries that have been inspired by such a fashion icon as Marie Antoinette. The sun came out for a second when we walked out so we walked around the gardens for a bit. We could not find the rest of the girls so we went to Marie Antoinette’s home. It was amazing with her own chapel, billiards room, dining rooms, kitchen, changing room, bedroom, etc. As we were walking out though, we saw Laurel and Stephany! We walked around the gardens and then went back to the main home. We took pictures out by the gardens and decided to leave before any rain was to come back!


I went my own way at that point because I wanted to go shopping! I was shocked to see that it was already almost 5pm and I was starving! I had forgotten to eat anything while I was consumed withVersaillesso I metroed to Tuilleries and walked around Rue Saint-Honore. (my favorite street so far I think!) I decided to stop by a little café while it had started raining and get a bowl of vegetable soup and water! Good quick snack before the shopping began! I went to 7 For All Mankind…50 percent sale though still about the same price as full prices ones in theUnited Statesso I held off! I then went into just a few stores with Ugg, BCBG, Chloe, and a few others with huge sales. Then, I knew I wanted to make a stop at the Laduree there! I bought a few gifts 🙂 It was fun to see the amazingness in person as opposed to on their website. It was getting pretty late by then and stores were starting to close so I quickly decided to run into Longchamp! Love that store! They are having a special editionParisbag that is being featured right now and I could not decide which color so I decided to wait and I am going to go first thing in the morning to get one!


I walked back to the hotel and arrived around 8:30pm. I checked my computer for emails and all and then decided to get ready to go out to dinner. Robert has been the best with suggesting restaurants so I decided to go with his suggestion for dinner at Chez Paul in the Bastille for the “best French cuisine!” I walked about forever to get there but it was well worth it. The atmosphere was great with there being an upstairs, outside area along the street, and an upstairs. I sat upstairs and ordered grilled salmon with vegetables. It was fabulous! The couple sitting next to me even offered me a drink with them though I declined. It was fun though to people watch and have a nice last dinner in Paris!


I walked back and when I was about 3/4th’s of the way  home, a nice looking gentleman starting speaking to me in  French as I was crossing the road. I was not sure what to do but said in French that I did not speak French and he proceeded to ask me where I was from. I explained theUnited States and he tried to speak a bit of English. He was fromArgentina and been inParis studying and working with photography. He was really nice and asked me out for a drink but I was cold and really just wanted to be in bed so I declined. Bad girl but oh well at least nothing like Taken was going to happen! So came back to the hotel and jumped in the shower to heat up! Now I am sitting here exhausted but do not want to leaveParis tomorrow. I really have loved it here despite the cloudy, gloomy weather we have had this past week! I am starting to dread Sunday with all the work I have to get done for my online class but I have all day tomorrow to still enjoy Paris so that is what I am going to do! Longchamp 10am…here I come! Bonsoir!

Thursday in Paris! Friday, Jul 22 2011 

Well this morning began quite strangely due to my mistake of forgetting to put in my contacts! I do not know I managed to do that but I woke up and really did not want to be awake. I was kind of hoping it was going to be raining so I could go back to bed but alas I got up and went out for my run. As soon as I walked outside though, I realized I could not see down the street. I thought about running back upstairs but thought oh I will make it! I cannot tell you how in the mornings, I have been running by these bakeries and pastry shops and how wonderful it smells. So tempting!


I came back and got ready for the day! I was not exactly positive what I was going to do so I mapped out my plan. I decided to just do my own thing since I knew that would probably be the easiest for me to get accomplished all that I wanted to do! I hopped on the metro—officially a pro!—and went to Musee Bourdelle. They are having a Madame Gres exhibition right now and it was incredible.

For background info, the museum is a man, Bourdelle’s, old home which has been turned into a museum and been added onto. The Madame Gres show was exhibited through the home and museum so it was a really cool mix of paintings such as Rembrant behind these evening gowns, etc.! I was there for about 2 hours and then decided to head to a restaurant for lunch that Robert, my mom’s friend who is familiar withParis, had suggested. I cannot tell you but this was for sure (besides tonight) the best meal that I have had while I have been in France! I just wish that I had a partner/friend/someone with me to split these meals because I feel guilty leaving half my plate left! Anyways, I had a grilled chicken breast with a salad with haricot verts (green beans) and quinoa! It was delicious!


I then decided to go shopping 🙂 I really wanted to go to the original Chanel store to make an official purchase and to see where she lived and all. It was amazing! The store was HUGE! I was just in awe though some of the new collection is quite bad unfortunately. I did end up buying the ring I had picked out at the previous store. The woman who helped me told me that next season, they are coming out with jewelry sizing so that should help me with buying more! Ha everything though slipped off my wrists and I didn’t have an interest in any of the brooches, they all were a little big and over the top!


I came back t o the hotel to drop off my bags, and get a Coca Light before heading to the Pompidou! I then headed out and figured I would stop by this one hair salon to see if I could get a pedicure. Boy was that a bad idea… It was probably the worst and most expensive pedicure I have ever gotten. But hey I tried to relax and enjoy…was a bit tough though. First off, I asked then realized it was a bad idea and started leaving but the girl pulled me back in. Ugh should have just left but no. She sat me down in her hair chair and just sat in another chair while I put my feet in her lap. And she just did a little filing, etc. then the painting part began. Thank goodness I had brought my own Chanel color otherwise I do not know what kind of color there would have been to choose from. I did not see any options. But it was a dark color so she painted them and then got a qtip with remover to go around the edges. Oh it was a disaster and I miss the Nail and Skin Bar inMemphisso much! I go bi-weekly there and love it! So I guess I am just learning being in a new place, listen to your gut instead of letting a hairdresser do your toenails! I could have just done it myself. Oh well!


After that experience, I walked to the Pompidou! It was about 6pm and it was nice not having the museum be crazy busy! I walked around for about 2 hours and decided to then walk to one of the restaurants that Bill and Agnes Power suggested for me! I walked there in about 45 minutes and OH lordy. It was so fabulous! I knew it would be as soon as I walked up to it! My waiter was so nice and helpful. It was a very upscale restaurant with a bar around the top looking over the restaurant with like a dark, cool mood. Very chic! So I ended up getting the grilled cod with the tempanade on the side. It was similar to like a small plate at Tsunami for those of you who live inMemphis! Anyways, it was cooked fabulously but once again, needed that eating buddy—Avery I am calling your name! They also had French bread that looked and smelled delicious but my fish filled me up! I then walked about 2 miles back to the hotel and have since just been getting ready for bed and relaxing!


Tomorrows journey=Versailles! I am very excited and a bit anxious for what it is going to be like! We shall see- I know amazing as everything else aroundParisbut you never know how the experience will actually be! I have already been assigned tour guide since I have been riding the Metro alone for the past couple of days! So let’s hope we make it there alright! Then depending on what time we get back, I am hoping to go back to the Champs de Elysees to look around again! There is just so much to see and do! Oh and the sun came out today for about 30 minutes! It was fabulous! The rest of the day though was cloudy and sprinkled on and off so it was not too bad. Tomorrow’s weather is supposed to be about the same though in the afternoon, 40 percent chance of rain compared to today with 70! I am off to bed now!


PS this hotel does not have very good internet service so that is why I cannot upload my photos but do not worry…they will be up as soon as I am back in Lacoste!



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