Oh this morning I was not in the mood to get up! I lay in my bed for 15 extra minutes than normal! I could not believe it! Last night, one of Roxy’s friends came in and drunkenly was yelling at her to come to the bar with her since it was the girl’s birthday. Anyways, I woke up and could not fall asleep again because it was so hot! So back to this morning, I got up, did my thing, and went to the printmaking studio!


Deb got us all together just to tell us that we needed to have our work completed to hang by tomorrow morning. We had to submit our titles, pricing, etc. for labels to be made for each one of our works as well! I spent the class spray painting my frames, since they were the wrong color. And then I matted and framed them! I got finished at 12:50 pm just as lunch was ending so I ran down there quickly.


After lunch, I came to my room to just sit on my bed with the fan going straight on me! I think that the rest of the afternoon, I did not move except to go to the bathroom. I literally am just not motivated to do anything in this darn heat! I did get some of my prints photographed though that had been drying when I had previously taken photos. I responded to a few long emails that I had gotten and just hung out reading blogs. It was quite relaxing just not to have any stresses except for finding an apartment! Which I am just not feeling too positive about at this point but we will see! I then went up to the PC Lab to work on my online class discussion board. We have to critique the work of others in our class. You never know what kind of website will come up next for each student. It is kind of strange since you like have never seen the people so really do not know anything about them! It was then time for dinner!


I arrived back to my room after dinner to just hang! I also had to write in my thesis/overall concept to the front page of my journal. I am so excited at this point to be home to go shopping! I have missed being able to see what is out there. I am guessing most stores have all their fall collections out so Not excited for that…I will be heading to the Summer Sales 🙂 I then had to go down to the Mac Lab to enter the information into Microsoft Excel for my pieces that are to be exhibited. I came back up to my room where Danielle and Phylisha convinced me to get Words with Friends on Facebook. They have officially gotten me addicted! So terrible! Its like Scrabble so it was hilarious with us all playing in the room next to each other with all of our laptops out…a little bit ridiculous!


I then decided to get ready for bed! I went through a last check through my journal to make sure everything was in well and got in bed! I am excited to say that I am done with all my work except for the online class. I really cannot believe it though. I feel like I have something more to be working on! It has been a great quarter of work and I cannot believe its coming down to my last art history class tomorrow and print class Thursday! Well hope you had a nice Tuesday, I feel like I wasted mine away just messing around on the computer but I guess you always need that kind of break from reality every once in awhile! Hopefully tomorrow I will feel more productive in what I get accomplished…and maybe step outside to accept the heat and enjoy it? I am not sure that is the right word but at least savor the last days here! XOXO