So I woke up this morning to doors bangs, curtains flying, things falling over, etc. and the wind was WILD! It was as if a tornado was going through Lacoste. It was nice to have the morning off and wake up a little bit later! Danielle, Shelley, Danna, and I had planned to walk over to Bonnieux for the market. Though, Shelley and Danna decided to leave at 8:30am but Danielle and I waited until around 9am! I seriously cannot describe how wild the winds were though with things blowing all over the place- so crazy!


Danielle and I took the more scenic route to Bonnieux with walking through the vineyards and around people’s yards along a pathway. It was a pretty nice morning though it started to get hot when we were close to the town. We immediately went to the ATM and then up to where the market is set up in the town square. We walked I guess pretty quickly because what usually takes us about an hour, took us only 45 minutes. We walked around for a bit with some of the vendors still setting up their displays.

We ran into the other girls at a stand and they said they had just gotten there. I guess they were just a little bit slower then us! It is always fun though to walk around, smell, and see everything! Danielle and I bought Coca Lights and headed back to Lacoste around 11am! We wanted to get back in time for lunch and to get ready for the Exposition which started at 3pm!


We walked along, Danielle kicking those darn snails that literally are stuck to the long grass and wild flowers along the road. Pretty funny and gross at the same time! As we were getting close to Lacoste, like in seeing distance of the sign of entry, the other girls drove by us in some van with a guy. I guess they met a guy who knew a friend who said could give them a ride back! I was not tempted to jump in a white van with an unknown driver in a foreign country…but hey, they made it back alright!

Danielle and I decided to take a few pictures with the departing from Lacoste sign since that is what we will be doing on Tuesday…still cannot believe it!!


We arrived back to Lacoste and I jumped in the shower! I was pretty hot and sweaty from our walk so it was nice to clean up! I then went to lunch and afterwards, talked to Eleanor about what we were going to do about hanging artwork outside because of the wind. She and the professors had decided that the students were to put all the artwork in the different studios so that the glass from the frames would not fall and shatter. Deb though told me to just get a few extra wires and secure my pieces since they were along the iron gate. So a little hesitantly, I was the only student to have my artwork be outside!

I returned to my room then to get ready for the show.


People began to walk through and look around all throughout the afternoon. I was not working in any of the studios so I was free to walk around myself and see everything. I started from the base of Lacoste and worked my way up so that I could take pictures and it be almost like a “virtual tour!” It was interesting to see all that people had created especially since I did not take any of the illustration, painting, or photography classes that were offered this quarter. I was very impressed with everything! But for the rest of the afternoon, I just wandered around. It was seriously one of the longest afternoons ever! Eventually I went down to the terrace of Café de France with a few people and just sat out while they had ice cream and beer! There is a great view from there so it was nice to sit out and enjoy! I then went back to the studios and looked around like at what pieces were being sold. Always interesting to see what people buy! I went back to my room to throw my laundry in for the last time here!! I decided to head down to dinner around 7pm and take the garbage out. To my surprise, the Memmi’s had come and were sitting at the bottom of the town waiting to see me! They are unable to really make it up the hills here so they had thought I would eventually come down and fortunately, I did! I stood and talked to them for about 20 minutes and said my goodbyes and thank yous to them for being so welcoming and inviting of me into their home while I was here! I made it then to dinner after a quick, sweet visit!


As I was getting ready to leave the cafeteria, it began to thunder and since it had been cloudy earlier, I had been thinking in the back of my mind that it may rain. Then suddenly, the power was out. I walked outside and there had been about a 10 degree temperature drop! It was so strange so I knew that something was about to happen. I quickly ran up to my room to get wire cutters and pulled my prints down and brought them to my room with the help of one of the guys here. It was a huge sigh of relief to have them in safely and without being rained on! I then had to run down to get my laundry and just as I was carrying it back in my room, it started to POUR! I had great timing!


I got on the computer finally for the first time of the day and checked my email, etc.! Lots of news from people which was fun to read about! I then found an apartment-YAY…lets hope! One of my friends in Savannah is going to look at it for me tomorrow morning to see how it is! So excited but I guess I should wait to see how it goes first! I got to talk to my dad and mom tonight which was great! I cannot wait to see them both very soon! I then got ready for bed and decided to call it a night at around 10:45pm! It has been raining on and off all night but goodness it is so much cooler out! I have goose-bumps in my room! What a change! I am going to get up in the morning for my last trip to Apt! I still cannot believe it! Well goodnight for now and enjoy the rest of your Friday and woo, it’s the weekend!!