I woke up to the most amazing weather this morning! It was beautiful outside! I got up a little bit later and headed out for my long Sunday walk. It was rather chilly outside, I was wearing a long sleeved shirt and had goose bumps but it was around 65 in the shade and then in the sun, warm like 80! It was so nice to be outside and almost felt like the beginnings of fall weather coming in. I had a nice long walk and listened to my book, Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet.


I came back and sat out on the terrace for about half an hour just absorbing the beauty of this place and really taking it all in. I went into my room to grab an iced tea and my French Vogue! It was so relaxing and awesome! Then around noon, I went back into my room to throw on a t-shirt and check my emails. I got one from my mom with the heading being…”Sunday…next to last day!” It then really hit me that I am leaving so soon! It is crazy! I headed down to lunch and then came back up to my room.


I decided to go back out to lay out on the terrace with my book and just enjoy the afternoon and gorgeous weather while I had the opportunity! I stayed out there until about 4pm which was great! I came back to my room and unframed all my prints, then returned the frames to the frame cave so that the students next quarter can reuse them. Unfortunately, I broke one of the pieces of glass but it was really not too big of a deal! I then went down to pick up my journal and accidentally picked up the wrong one so I will have to trade out tomorrow when the studio is reopened. I then came back to the room where I realized, I really needed to work on my website and get it submitted before the deadline tonight! I headed down to the Mac Lab and tried to figure it out, I think I did…I at least submitted what I think was correct so lets hope it was! I realized at that point, I was already half an hour late for dinner though and still needed to shower! I hurried back to my room, showered, and went to dinner for the last 10 minutes!


When I got back to my room, Danielle told me that the announcements made at dinner were that we were supposed to be all packed by tomorrow when we have room inspection and that room inspection for us was to be held at 1:30pm. I started to panic because I hadnot yet started packing! She was already finished so she was fine but goodness; I had a lot to accomplish! I started off getting my souvenirs into the suitcase that has to be checked and then went from their stuffing, rolling, and somehow cramming everything in! I decided to leave a few items behind though they would not fit into my bag 😦  At this point though, I am so tired of all the clothes I brought here that I really could care less if I saw them again! Ha probably will regret saying that when I get home and am missing what I left behind! But hey…when I get home, its time to shop!! I finished up and went down to the computer lab to upload my pictures but it said it was going to take almost two hours so I decided I will wait until tomorrow to do that! I got to my mom for a little bit since she had just gone and spent time with Sylvie for her birthday so it was good to hear about that! I came back to my room to chat with Ave for a second before I got ready for bed! So now here I am ready for bed and mostly packed up! Success! Hope you had a wonderful weekend like I did! I cannot believe it was my last here…such a bittersweet feeling in leaving. But goodnight for now!