So sorry that this has taken me so long to finally wrap up but hey I made it back to the States safely!


I will give a quick summary to my past week though to give you an idea of how my loose ends are all coming together finally-thank goodness!


Back to last Tuesday, I woke up earlier than usual to watch the sunrise and go on my final run in Lacoste. It was a beautiful morning though quite cool. It was a bit hazy but still gorgeous to wake up and see that Lacoste view. I showered and packed up the rest of my belongings. It took two trips to make it down with to the bus with all of my luggage. I got my deposit back from Eleanor-wahoo! And we headed to Marsailles for the airport at 9am. We arrived and it was too early to check-in because our plane was not departing until 1pm. The European airports are so much different than the American ones. Unfortunately when I got up to the counter, I had to pay extra for my bag. I was quite upset about that but sometimes I guess you just have to accept things and let them go. I got through security fine and waited at the gate. It was a fine flight, nothing too exciting! I slept for most of it! We arrived toParisand I made my way to the international gate after getting my passport stamped. I was hoping there would be some interesting stores or restaurants but it was not too exciting! I walked around for a bit because I knew I would be sitting on that airplane for the next 9.5 hours-ugh! I grabbed some lunch and then we boarded around 4:15pm. Luckily, the plane was pretty empty. I had a window seat but my row was empty so it was nice to have the seat next to me to prop my feet up to watch movies! I tried to stay awake for the majority of it so that I would be able to sleep for the night inAtlanta. It sort of worked! I watched the Virgin Suicides and part of Just Go with It. The first movie was interesting. I had no idea what to expect but I read a blog called “The Style Rookie” and she talks a lot about that movie so I thought I would see what it was. Then the second movie was just a romantic comedy with Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston but I did not get to finish it because I kept falling asleep! So we then arrived inAtlantaat about 8pm and then I had to go through customs and get through security again. It is always just a long process to get through after an international flight especially in an airport like theAtlantaone. As I finally got out of the terminal and picked up my bag at the carousel, my dad called and he was waiting for me right outside the door! It was so great to see him and we chatted in the car for awhile while driving to my step-mom’s twin sister’s house inAtlantawhere we were going to stay for the night. We got there and had dinner around 10:30pm and then tried to fall asleep. I ended up waking up a few times but I was so glad to just take a nice bath and feel “at home” again!


Wednesday- I woke up around 4:30am and decided just to hang out in my bed and catch up on reading blogs on my phone and then looked for apartments. I got up and ready around 7am and we ended up leaving forSavannaharound 8am. My dad drove and I searched for an apartment and set up a few appointments for us to meet with real-estate agents aroundSavannah. We got toSavannaharound lunchtime and went to Zunzi’s which is a very well known lunch place there that has very delicious food! It was nice to sit out and enjoy being there though it was quite humid. We then went to the first apartment which I completely fell in love with though it was a small studio and way overpriced for what it was. It was amazing though and great location being right above the Marc Jacobs store on the main street. We then walked around some more just looking to see exactly where some apartments were located. We then walked in a few of the small boutiques and I ended up buying yet another Linea Pelle bracelet…I swear I am addicted! But we had another appointment with a girl to see her place, I almost died when I walked in with the smell of cat grossness and the fully carpeted apartment. I told my dad there was absolutely no way I could live there. So we then checked in to our hotel, the Avia. I was so happy to be there because it is one of my Top 5 hotels that I have ever stayed in. It is absolutely amazing! We went down to the pool and enjoyed being there. It was around 7pm so we decided to go out to eat to another one of my favorite spots, Ele. It is an Asian fusion restaurant on the way toTybeeIsland. I swear the restaurant seems like it fell out ofNew York Cityand was placed randomly inGeorgia! It is very chic and the food is very fresh. It was so great to spend time with my dad and loved having “me” time with him! After dinner, we headed back to the hotel and then walked over to Lulu’s Chocolate Bar. We both decided on having a chocolate covered strawberry! So many options there and definitely had trouble making up my mind! We got back to the hotel; I searched for more apartments and just was really anxious about it all since I had pretty much only that one option of the overpriced fabulous apartment. I went to bed not feeling too confident but just praying that something would come up.


Thursday- I got up early with still being off on my time and went down to the gym. I had a short workout but loved being able to watch the Today show again!! I definitely missed that! I then went back to the room, got ready and we headed out in search of an apartment. I went to the Cora Bett Thomas real estate office where that overpriced apartment was listed and I put my contract down on it just in case I did not find anything else. We then got in contact with another real estate company, Sotheby’s. We met the real estate agent, Jean and she drove us around to the properties they had available. The properties were great though two of them were 4 story walk ups and one was overpriced for having to sign a one-year lease. So the final one, I decided on!! It was a cute one bedroom, one bathroom apartment. There is a living room, breakfast room, and nice sized kitchen. It was not my first pick of locations but I think it will work out great just as long as I get everything organized and comfy in it! I was so thankful to finally have an apartment and I love my real estate agent. She was so helpful and really made the transition easy in giving me the keys then and there and allowing me to move in all my belongings from storage that afternoon. My dad and I picked up a Uhaul truck from a local dealer place and quickly headed over to my storage unit. It was amazing I tell you, my dad and I arrived at 4pm and by 4:30pm, he had already gotten everything into the truck. I was so impressed! We then went back to my apartment, unloaded everything, returned the Uhaul truck, and headed out ofSavannah. I could not believe all that had happened within the past few hours! We ended up driving toAtlantato stay with Teresa’s sister again for the night. She is very nice and so accommodating! I was glad that we ended up stopping there because otherwise, we would not have been arriving toMemphisuntil about 3am.


Friday- I once again woke up early with my body still not used to the time zone change. I got up though and got ready since my dad had said he wanted to get on the road early. I told him though that I was not leavingAtlantaunless we got to stop into Trader Joe’s!(my favorite grocery store!) So we waited until it opened at 8am, did a little grocery shopping, and hit the road forMemphis! The drive was not too bad but I slept for a bit of it and just talked with my dad. On our way back, we stopped and I got new windshield wipers and headlights. Thankfully I did because as we arrived toMemphis, it was pouring rain! I was so excited to be home despite all the grossness outside! I left my dads and went over to my Mom’s office around 4pm and it was great to see my mom, Sylvie, Ed, and the dogs! We chatted for awhile and then I left with my mom to go by the grocery store. It was so fabulous to go home and be welcomed to a clean, freshly painted room with fresh flowers and Ah so nice! My mom and I made dinner and just had a relaxing night!


Saturday- I do not think my body is ever going to understand this new time zone! I wake up and just feel really confused on what time it is. Slowly though I think it is getting better! My mom had bought a bread machine on her way home from taking me to the airport in June forFranceso we decided to put a loaf in the bread maker and go for a run. It was humid out, something I was definitely not really used to inFrancebut it was so nice to get out. We came home, got ready, and went downtown to the Farmer’s Market. I can tell you this, it looked completely pathetic compared to my Saturday Apt Market. I was so sad not to be there! It was fun though to be back inMemphisand see what all they had to offer. I then realized that my phone was not working. So I went to the T-Mobile store and waited forever it seemed just to get to talk to someone about what had happened. I now know that there was a system update for the phone and my phone had been out of network so it would not accept it so it just stopped working. Quite strange but I ended up just leaving my phone there so get updated and went over to my dads house for Eme’s first birthday party. They were having a cookout and some of my family had driven in fromSt Louis. I was so great to see my aunts, and uncles, along with my grandpa! There were a lot of my dad and Teresa’s friends there as well. I stayed for the afternoon and then left to go pick up my phone and get a fabulous carwash. My little car was so in need! I then went back to my mom’s house and started to go through my bags and unpack a few things along with figuring out my laundry and all! The redbirds game was going on and my dads family went down there to celebrate Eme’s birthday but I thought it was going to rain and was tired so I did not end up going. I just had a relaxing night and ended up watching a movie!


Sunday- I woke up just a few times throughout the night and slept alright though. It has been so nice just to be in my comfy bed again! I went for a run and stopped my dads house to see the family before they departed. They were cooking a big brunch for everyone so it was nice to spend some time there. I then ran back to my moms and we had made plans to go pick up my cousin, Conley, fromOxford. He is a freshman at Ole Miss this year and we thought it would be fun to see him for the long weekend. It was absolutely pouring rain when we arrived there but we got him and came back toMemphisto have lunch with Sylvie and Bee at Café Eclectic. It was fun to have everyone together. I have been a bit anxious about trying to figure out the furnishings for my apartment. Sylvie had the idea of going by Trezavant Manor because they had a store where they resale items. I went by but did not find anything of interest. Always fun to look though. Conley ended up staying with Sylvie and Bee for the afternoon but my mom and I went to the William Sonoma Outlet and Pottery Barn outlet to look to see if they had anything/ I found one couch that could be an option. I did buy some dishtowels and kitchenware items! Always exciting to have your own new things! I am excited to see what is going to become of my apartment! We then picked up a few things at the grocery and went home to start cooking for out cookout with Conley, Sylvie, Bee, Ed, Edward, my mom, and me. It was fun to be in the kitchen again not only cooking but just as a place to socialize. I then went upstairs to start watching Season 9 of Project Runway. I watched about half of it but then everyone came over for dinner! I got to give them their souvenirs fromFranceand tell a little more about my crazy summer journey abroad! We had a great time together! I then finished up my tv show and went to bed.



Well can you believe that is it?! I am now packing up for school and departingMemphison Thursday to head toAtlanta. My mom and I are going to do some shopping and then go down toSavannahon Saturday to get my apartment all set up. I then start my Intro to Fashion class and Intro to Textiles class on Monday. I will be taking those two along with an online writing course for the quarter. I am excited yet nervous about getting into classes so soon without a break but I am hoping for a great Fall quarter ahead! I hope you were entertained and enjoyed the journey with me throughoutFrancethis summer!


Much love!!