Super Saturday Sunday, Aug 21 2011 

Oh Saturday! I woke up before my alarm and decided to get up anyways! It was cooler this morning yet got hot quite quickly when the sun began to rise over the mountains! These past two mornings, hot air balloons have been out and I love the sight of them so I have been able to take a few pictures of them from my terrace! My morning was like every other except no breakfast on the weekends and headed straight to Apt once I got ready for the day!


The Apt Market was fabulous as always!

I took quite a few pictures and took my time walking around because it might have been my last weekend there unless I am one of the lucky ones who gets to go before the Vernissage next weekend!

The market always just has such great smells and has a good feel when arriving and being in that environment! Today my goal was souvenir shopping! I got quite a few things except my soap man wasn’t there which was a huge disappointment but I am hoping next weekend he will!

I also went to the Intermarche and picked up a few items from the grocery! We then returned to Lacoste around noon and I unpacked everything. I have filled up my whole carry on roller suitcase with souvenirs…lets hope I can get everything home!! I think I may be tossing out a few things to fit all my new goodies…oh well!


I then went down for lunch and returned to my room to work on this dang paper! It went well and I did not get too distracted. I did take a few breaks to chat with my mom, dad, and brother. But I stayed pretty focused and got almost 4 pages done before dinner time! Wahoo! Oh and I did laundry which was much needed because it is so hot here, I change like throughout the day! But about an hour before dinner, I called Avery and talked to him on the phone for about an hour which was AWESOME! He was just getting ready to go to Target to get last minute things for his dorm before my dad dropped him off! I really cannot believe he is at college and like grown up! AH! He said he is really excited though and likes his room so far so that’s good! I am planning to go visit him hopefully the last weekend of September before I get too busy with my classes for the fall quarter. After we got off the phone, I got on Facebook and had a message from one of my friends fromDenver, Nicole. She is probably one of the most amazing people I have ever met and such a wonderful influence for me. It has been a stuggle being away from support so it was really exciting for me to get a message from her. I also got two other messages from girls today fromDenverso it was like really reassuring for me to hear I have support and friends still from my experience there. So once I got off of the computer, I headed down to dinner. Many people are out of town this weekend traveling so it was pretty empty tonight!


I came back to my room and took a break from the paper to check my email, look for apartments, and just relax for a bit! I then called my mom and chatted for a bit while she was at Wal-Mart. Weird how I dream about going to such a place right now and to her she really did not want to be there shopping! I then got to work on my paper. I am just so miserable in this darn hot room of mine. I cannot help but complain about everything. So sorry but AH air conditioning- I think I have forgotten what that actually feels like!! We got an email from Eleanor this evening that there is heat wave going through and to drink lots of water and no physical activity between 11am and 3pm. Oh goodness- this French weather is going to kill me! But anyways, I then decided to go down to the Mac Lab to upload pictures from the fireworks at Bonnieux this past Tuesday night, the market in Bonnieux yesterday, and from my trip to the Apt market this morning! Hope you enjoy looking at them via Facebook! I am tired and as I was walking back up to my room the bell was ringing that it was midnight! Time for me to go to sleep! Goodnight!


Friday! Saturday, Aug 20 2011 

So I woke up bright and early this morning. Well actually it was dark but I was up and ready to go since I had been disappointed for sleeping in yesterday! I got on with my typical routine and it is always quite on Friday mornings since it is the start to our weekends! I really like that though! When I returned from my run, I did not shower because I knew I would be walking to Bonnieux and it would be hot out! Instead, I got one of my magazines and sat out on the terrace.

It was so relaxing and nice especially before it was too hot out!


I then went down to breakfast and afterwards, headed to Bonnieux with Danna. I borrowed Danielle’s backpack to take so that I could fill it up with the souvenirs I was going to buy at the market. It was a long, hot walk there but always exciting to finally arrive! And on the way, we saw lots of grape vines that are finally getting ripe!

There was also a gorgeous yard with rose bushes all along the side of the road…I was fascinated by their beauty!

Could not stop taking pictures! When we arrived to Bonnieux, we walked around and went by quite a few vendors. I spent the rest of my Euros too! So tomorrow in Apt, I am going to have to take a few more out of the ATM! I had a good time looking around and then we decided to head back so that we would be back for lunch. It was already 11:30am and the walk usually takes around an hour. Now lunch is only from 12-1pm at the café so we were going to power walk back. So we saw this little path that said Lacoste 2 km. And we thought fabulous, short cut. OH but were we ever wrong about that! I had my Garmin watch on which shows you your distance and pace, etc. And after about a mile and half of walking, I told Danna, I thought we should probably turn around since we were going nowhere! So we had to head back to the main road and then get back on our way to Lacoste. We knew at that point we were missing lunch and just had a long ways to go. Not fun! Ha I tried to be the cheerleader though and get us through!


We got back around 1:30pm to Lacoste and luckily, the staff in the café let us in for lunch since it was still out! I went back to my room afterwards and just ran the cold shower on me! Oh and it felt so nice! I was worn out but knew I needed to work a bit on my paper. Unfortunately, Roxy was playing her movie without headphones in the room so that was quite the distraction. I then left to pick up my frames that had been delivered from IKEA and found out that they had run out of black frames. UGH so I have to spray paint mine before the Vernissage next week! I came back to the room and decided if she could play her movie so loudly, that yes I would too. I put on Miss Congeniality and watched it for about 45 minutes. I then decided to get back to the paper because I really was feeling a bit stressed! I then took a break, did some online shopping, looked for apartments, texted with Aveman, and just hung out until dinner time.


I went down to dinner and everyone seems just to be in a bitter mood. I think most of us are stressed and just really ready to go home for a break! Everyone seems quite overwhelmed with this being the last weekend of work. But it is hard to balance enjoying yourself as well as getting everything done on time! I came back up to the room afterwards to spread out all my articles on my bed and get to work on the paper. I just think the combination of working on my bed, extreme heat temperatures, and no motivation in this paper are not good for me! I did get 2 full pages typed with the bibliography most way done for my articles. So go me- At least a start! I decided then to go to bed somewhat early so that I get up and be ready to go to the Apt market in the morning! I cannot believe it’s the last weekend but it’s a happy/sad feeling right now! I think time is due for me to get home and back to reality! I am really going to miss being inFrancethough! I am thinking though next time I will be in a bigger city than one that does not even have an ATM! Oh well…Hope you are having a great start to your weekend and TGIF! XOXO!

And Avery’s off to college!!! Friday, Aug 19 2011 

I woke up wondering why my alarm still had not gone off. And yes, it was the time it usually is when I am already showering. I anxiety ridden shot out of bed and really had a stressful time realizing that my routine was no longer going to happen this morning. I dealt with it though and got in the shower quickly. I really hate that feeling and unfortunately, put me in a bitter mood for most of the day.


I went up to the printmaking studio where we had a work day. I had already finished up my prints though for the Vernissage so I looked over them with Deb so that she could help me figure out frame sizes and if anything else was needed. I then printed more colographs on the printing press. I got a little creative with colors and just tried to play around with it since I am pretty much done with the class now! So crazy though it has not really actually hit me that I am done since we still have to prep for the Vernissage.


It was then linen exchange and lunch. So nice to come back after lunch and put new sheets on my bed! I am definitely ready for my own sheets and comfy bed though! I took all my work from printmaking also and photographed it! (Even the bad ones printed on newsprint!) I needed proof that I actually did studio work while I was here since I am not taking anything home! I then decided to finish up reading my articles for art history and check up on emails, and all. The articles I finished up pretty early so that was good to get out of the way. Then I began thinking I should start the paper but only got two sentences done and decided Facebook looked a lot more interesting! I then decided that I should do something productive so I went through the classes I will be taking in the Fall to order books. I then also looked up my future classes that I need to take to graduate. I have 105 credits and only need 75 more! I had no idea I was already more than half way done with having a minor and all so that was exciting news! I then chatted with my dad for a little bit before he left to take Avery toAustin! I also talked to Avery for awhile texting which was nice since we had not really talked much lately! Getting so excited for him to be at school! I am trying to figure out a time this fall that I can go visit for a long weekend! My afternoon was pretty uneventful and just very hot. The weather is a little ridiculous in not having any air conditioning. The room is a little bit miserable being 86 all day with a little fan! Oh well…its Lacoste!


I then went down for dinner. And afterwards, we had the frame lottery where there are left over frames from the previous quarter that we get to use. We went and drew numbers out of a hat to get one frame then come out stand in line and wait for another. I fortunately needed six 40cm by 50cm frames and there were 42 of them in the lottery! I ended up getting three so that was fabulous! Saved myself 33euros! Wahoo! There was quite the drama though with people cheating and all…even came into my room though I was not a participant and just tried to let it go!


Afterwards, I came back to my room and just fooled around on the internet! Really should have been getting work done but just not feeling it tonight! Tomorrow though for sure going to be working! I have to get my website done and this paper and then freedom for the rest of the quarter! Today I have been really feeling like homesick to just get home finally! I am so ready to be home! Only 12 more days! Much have to keep in mind to take each moment at a time but sometimes it is hard! Well I am off to bed! Going to get up early to get back to my routine and afterwards walk to Bonnieux for their Friday market! XOXO

Workin’ Wednesday Thursday, Aug 18 2011 

Realizing that I am leaving so soon, has really started to hit me. I was really appreciative this morning of how gorgeous of a place I am in. I saw the sun rising this morning and could see out in the distance, a few hot air balloons up in the air! I really do not want to leave such a view but of course really cannot wait to get back to the comforts of home!


My morning routine was as usual and then I had art history class. I have decided that I really like my Monday/Wednesday schedule now because they are quite relaxed! This morning we had a 39 minute class. I was shocked! It hit reality when he told us that we were done with the class but we should just finish up our papers which are due next class(Monday) and journals for the class after that(next Wednesday)! I was like AH this is crazy! So I left class and came up to my room to finish up my journal entry about Nice. I then started going through a few of the articles for my paper. I began to get a little bit tired from all the reading and fell asleep for about 45 minutes and realized I had to go down to get to lunch before it was over!


I returned to my room afterwards to just hang out for awhile and try not to stress about all these articles that I have to go through for my paper. I checked my emails and blogs, and really felt the need to get back to my research. It gets quite boring though reading one article after another with similar contents. So then my mind started to wander to blogs and online shopping! Just a bit distracted! And then I had my last Karl Lagerfeld Coca Cola Light!

It was delicious- crisp out of the can!


It is so hot out here today too that it somewhat is hard to concentrate especially with no air conditioning. I am probably making more excuses than necessary that I was procrastinating but it was about 85 in my room and that’s just not okay!


I ended up spending the afternoon getting a few articles read and began the paper by typing up the cover page! Go me! I have until Monday so I think this weekend will be actual writing time! But I will say now, I am not going to put it off because I hate doing things so last minute! I do not want to be stressing Sunday night! Then dinner time rolled around, and I decided afterwards that I would go up to the printmaking studio to finish up my monotype prints for the Vernissage.


My art history professor had a lecture tonight but I was feeling the pressure of school work and did not attend. I am sure it was great though- he is working on publishing his work. His lecture was about artist, Jason Rhoades.


Anyways, I got a few things done and returned to my room. As I have said before (I think), I am looking for an apartment inSavannah. One of my friends, Courtney, went to go look at one that I found today and unfortunately, not great results so I am still on the look out! Please pray that I find one within the next couple of weeks before I get back! Well today seemed very long but got some work accomplished! But Goodnight for now!

Typical Tuesday! Wednesday, Aug 17 2011 

Like every other morning, mine started off with the good ole same morning routine. Wish I could say something more exciting happened but it didn’t! I am getting very excited for another type of exercise besides running and to be able to go to my French Rivera gym- Ah sounds like paradise!


Anyways, went to the printmaking studio and just went ahead and got printing my plates. We had a work day but Deb also went through with each one of us our works and what we were going to show in the Vernissage. We also got our grades back from the last project- A!! We decided that I was going to put in my 6 pieces that I turned in for my last project with them having strong imagery fromParisand she really liked the Monoprinting that I did. So Wahoo! She also wants me to add a little bit more inking to a few of them so that is what I will be working on tomorrow afternoon! I also have to finish printing my plates to turn in next Tuesday for my final project! Then after class, it was lunch time!


Afterwards, I went up to the room with Danielle and hung out for a bit. It was so hot outside but I decided to go out on the terrace anyways and listen to my new book, Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet. It is alright- nothing of what I expected it to be! I ended up falling asleep though! Then around 4pm, all these people came up and I had no idea what was going on. They are filming a LipDub video to “Belles, Belles, Belles” to present at the Vernissage. Everyone was wild dancing around with umbrellas and all. I opted out today but may attend the filming for tomorrow! I then went back to my room to work on figuring out my paper topic. My professor still had not emailed me back so I pretty much just wasted the afternoon online shopping and reading blogs! Kind of fun though I really wanted to start my paper. I then went down to the computer lab to write and print off an article that I wrote for my journal about my weekend in Nice! I returned to my room around 7pm, jumped in the shower, and headed down to dinner.


I came up to my room and hung out with Danielle and Shelley for a bit. We were looking at things online and talking about random things going on here. I read a really great article on Garance’s blog about Parisian lifestyle compared to that of a New Yorker. If you can, you should definitely read it ( She is one of the bloggers I follow daily and have come to feel like we are friends! Ha I finally got an email back from my professor which really was not much help because it just said my ideas were good and just be specific with what topic I end up choosing. So I just chose one and went back down to the computer lab to print off a few articles for research. On my way down there, the Bonnieux fireworks started going off! I grabbed my camera and took a few pictures from the terrace of them! Always fun to see fireworks…especially in the valley inFrance with the moonlight glowing!


I then continued down to the lab, printed off a few articles, and talked to Shelley! We were discussing our hair appointment plans for when we get back! Such girls! Anyways, I am now back in my room and off to bed! Hopefully going to get some things accomplished tomorrow so that I do not get hit with stress this weekend! XOXO

Oh it’s a Monday! Tuesday, Aug 16 2011 

I woke up to this white fog outside. I could not see literally 20 feet outside of the window because of how opaque and thick the fog was! It was crazy! I got up and did my normal routine but was definitely ready to be back after having the feeling like I was going to fall off the edge of the road similar to that of the sailors and Columbus with the ocean in front of them- there was no end ahead!


I got back and ready for my art history class. A big group of people who went toBarcelonathis past weekend got back to Lacoste around 5am so none of them came to class and then there was a big group of people who traveled toLondonand were not back until tonight…so our class had only 8 students and felt quite empty! It was kind of a nice change up though! My professor was a bit tired as well so he said we were going to have an easy class and watch a half an hour long movie about Paul Gauguin. Thankfully, it was actually really interesting and good! Otherwise I might have been asleep! We then had a discussion about his influence with Cezanne and Matisse. I was glad that we discussed this because I think that I am going to write my final paper about 2 of those 3 artists, comparing and contrasting 2 works of art. At about 10:30am, he called break and told us we could go work on our journals. Since I am caught up with my journal, I headed to my room and researched a bit for my paper as well as checking my email, blogs, etc. that I had missed out on from the weekend!


It was then time for lunch and back up to my room to research more on my paper. Unfortunately, the internet in my room is awful so I then had to go to the computer lab. Shelley and I sat together and decided to online shop instead! I was just looking around and realized how excited I am to go shop at J. Crew and Anthropologie when I get back to theUS! I definitely am going to splurge when I get back since I have not gone clothing shopping in forever! I then decided to get a little bit serious and get some real research done with what pieces I wanted to go into detail about with the certain artists. I came up with two propositions and sent them to my professor to get feedback. And yes, I am still waiting to hear so no more research was done this afternoon! I went back to my room though and decided to go out on an adventure walk with Danielle and Shelley. Danielle is printing another photo of hers for printmaking so she needed to find some flowers. Shelley told us one way to go thinking we were on one path when we went up another and ended up pretty much in the forest on the side of the hillside outside Lacoste.

We did walk by a cute little cottage in the beginning with a Dalmatian and large sculptures that were cool though. It was absolutely gorgeous but my mind started thinking about scary movies and getting taken once we had been walking for awhile! We decided to head back after awhile when we realized there was not much ahead except more and more trees and some blackberries!

We also took a few shadow pictures on our way back on the road to Lacoste!


We went back to our rooms, showered and then I started looking for an apartment. I think I found one which I am so excited about though I lost track of time and ended up going to dinner when there were only about 10 minutes left and the cafeteria was empty! No big deal though! I came back up to my room and read an article for my art history class. I did not feel too pressured to get anything done which was nice. Probably should have gone and printed but… was just not really feeling it! I was excited to see my dad calling a bit after that and was great to talk to him for awhile. It is so difficult to have any real conversation with my phone going in and out though while I am in my room. I hope that the apartment that I found works out though and one of my friends is going to look at it for me on Wednesday so I am anxious to hear the feedback about it!


I then decided to just hang out and write up my talking points for the art history article. Nice low key night! Danielle and a few people walked over to Bonnieux because they had a festival this past weekend which was continuing through today and fireworks tomorrow! I did not think it was a good idea with going considering it is about an hour and half walk and they were leaving at 9pm! But I hope its fun! I went down to the computer lab to upload some pictures from our crazy walk today and now I am off to bed! Hopefully a great Tuesday to come! Goodnight!

Weekend in Nice! Monday, Aug 15 2011 


I woke up very excited for my vacation! A little stressed though because there were a few things on my mind that I knew I needed to get done before leaving at 9am. I did my normal morning routine and then I went down to the computer lab to print off a map from the train station to our hotel in Nice. I went back to the room and then Danielle and I headed down to the café where the taxi was to pick us up at 9am!


We never expected our car service to be a Mercedes with a lady driving who did not speak any English and had bright blue long fake finger nails! She was very prompt though and got us to the Gare de Cavaillon in about 25 minutes. We then waited in a short line to get our tickets printed off and waiting at the Quai 2! We then departed at 9:59am for Avignon Centre. The train man liked us to he put us up in first class which was nice! It was only about a 30 minute ride though.


When we arrived at Avignon Centre, we then had to leave and cross the road to wait at the bus station to take the bus to the Avignon TGV station. It was really nice out so it was not bad to wait for about 10 minutes for the bus. We then arrived to the Avignon TGV Station where we then got on the train to Nice! Sadly, Danielle and I figured out that we were in 2 different cars so we got on and I sat alone and ended up falling on and off asleep for the majority of the 3 hour ride. When we arrived outside the Cannes train station, I woke up and watched out my window the gorgeous scenery! At that point, it was only 2 stops until arriving to Nice Ville.


We arrived to Nice and AH PARADISE! Danielle and I thankfully quickly found each other and went to the Office de Tourisme to pick up a real map of Nice besides my mapquest one and figure out where our hotel was. We walked down the main pedestrian road with our first sightings being KFC and McDonalds! Not exactly what I was expecting but we continued walking and we saw all the big designer stores, and it was so nice in Nice! We got to Hotel de Flores and checked in.Lets just say the room was smaller than small but was fine and clean. We then left to go walk down by the beach and see like what the town was like. It was just such a great feeling to be able to smell the ocean and enjoy being away from Lacoste for a bit. Felt like I was in a completely different country! Such a difference!

We continued walking around and figured out like where the Harbor was with lots of restaurants and shops and then ended up stopping by the Monoprix to pick up a few drinks. We came back to the hotel around 7pm to get ready for dinner and going out! After, we walked around down to the Harbor and ended up going to the Atmosphere Café. It was not exactly what we expected but fine… We ended up staying and talking for awhile which was nice. Then had been told by a few people that had previously been to Nice that we had to go to “Wayne’s Bar!” So we walked by around 10pm and nothing too exciting was going on so we continued down the street to watch some dancers performing with really nice bodies! But after awhile, we decided it was either sitting down at a gelato place or going to Wayne’s so we headed to Wayne’s. We walked in and got drinks at the bar and it was a little bit awkward because not many people were there but it was fun just with a guy singing and playing guitar. The bartender was very attractive as well. Then it got a little bit more crowded and there was a band that started playing with people getting up on tables and dancing and it was getting pretty crazy! It was fun but very different than anything I had ever expected! We ended up leaving around 1am and coming back to the hotel. It was a good start to our weekend trip to Nice!



I woke up suddenly when Danielle goes “OH S***!” And I was frightened! She was like its already almost 9am! I was so confused because I had no idea a particular time we had to get up! But we had decided the night before to be at the beach by 10am so I guess she was worried about getting up and ready! We went down to the lobby for breakfast at the hotel and then left for the beach! We bought mats at one of the little shops on the way down since the beaches here are not like your typical sand beach but instead have like rocks.


We got down to the beach and it was absolutely gorgeous! The clear blue water and people were just starting to come down. We set up next to a place where there were parasailing and tube rides that you could go on. The guys working there were…AH so fine! It was so relaxing to be out there!

We stayed until almost 1pm and then decided to walk up to one of the cafes for lunch. Nothing too exciting for lunch since we wanted to eat lightly and head back down to the beach for our prime sun time! (I know bad skin cancer but we enjoyed it! And both of course we wearing sunscreen) The beach attire is quite different here than that of the US with lots of older women topless and younger women wearing thongs. It was not the best sight to see but the weather was so nice and beautiful I guess that made up for it! And Danielle and I were both shocked to see that everyone no matter who they are wears a two piece bathing suit! It was great!


We then went back to the hotel around 4:30pm to drop off our things and go to the Monoprix to pick up a few things to take home for the week in Lacoste. Then came back to the hotel to shower and get ready for the night. We did not end up leaving the hotel until around 8pm but it was nice because then there were a lot of people already out and about! The night was a lot more crowded later on a Saturday night. We ended up walking down near the harbor to have dinner. We both had a nice meal and then walked through the market and back to the hotel. I was exhausted but told Danielle I would still go out with her. She had bought a bottle of wine so she had a class and then we headed back out. It was around 10:30pm and we went back to Wayne’s. It was fun to walk in when it was already very crowded but the same band as the night before was playing and it was nothing really new so we ended up leaving pretty shortly afterwards. We went by a gelato place where Danielle got her ice cream and then we walked back through the crowds to our hotel. It was fun walking back though because there are so many vendors set up and it was entertaining to see all that they do especially dancers and all! We got back to the hotel around 12:30am and I was out!



It was nice to wake up without too much rushing this morning. It was sad to have to leave but we got up around 8pm, showered, packed up, and went to a café right near the beach to sit outside in the sun and have breakfast. It was quite relaxing and I was so jealous of all the people walking down to spend their day at the beach. Danielle and I sat out there for about an hour and then decided to pick up Subway to take on the train for lunch.


Our train departed at 11am and then we had to ride to Marsailles, almost missed our train to Avignon Centre but made it as the doors were closing!, then went from Avignon Centre to Cavaillon. It was quite a day of hauling our bags around and my back is about dead- massage time ASAP! We met our car service at the Gare de Cavaillon and headed back to Lacoste. We ended up getting back to Lacoste around 5:30pm. We then unpacked and threw our laundry in the machines. I was so excited to get unpacked and settle back down after having to carry all my stuff around all day.


It was then dinner time. Such a huge difference in going back to the cafeteria food- blahh! But I then had quite the night ahead of me to get my work done for my online class. And unfortunately, the battery on my computer has completely died. So when I use my computer it has to be plugged in at all times…I cannot tell you how frustrating this is especially when you accidentally knock it out of the wall like 4 times like I did! Oh goodness life in Lacoste…


I decided to come down to the computer lab to finish up my online class work and upload my pictures from Nice! Hope you all get to see how fabulous and gorgeous Nice is! My weekend was so great just to get away for a few days and enjoy the ocean! Not exactly ready for this week but will work on that sooner than later! XO

Thursday aka My Weekend!! Friday, Aug 12 2011 

This morning was gorgeous out with the sun shining! I was so thankful for that as well as having one of my roommates leave early! She went away for the weekend with a group of people which has been a nice quiet break for the day! I did my normal routine and then headed to printmaking class.


My class was pretty good with starting color on my plates. I pulled a few prints and am now trying to figure out paper and materials that I want to use for my final. Its more than anything just a lot of experimentation which is fun but can also get a little bit frustrating.


We then had linen exchange and lunch! I came back to my room after lunch with Danielle and Shelley. We sat talking for awhile and then I headed out to the terrace with my Glamour magazine and iPod! It was just so nice outside I had to take advantage of it! I was out there til about 4pm and decided yes, I was leaving tomorrow so I needed to actually get some work done! So I went down to the computer lab to get my pages done for my website which have to be submitted by Sunday night for my online class. It was a little bit more difficult than I had expected but I thought I created a pretty simple and elegant template for my start. We will see what comes from it with feedback from the class and my professor.


I then came back to my room around 7pm to shower quickly before dinner was over. I returned after dinner to my room but then decided to go to the last book making workshop that Kristen was doing. I went and had a good time learning a new way to bind a book. I did it but realized half way through that I had started to create my own way. It was okay in the end but she gave me the materials to do another one if I wanted to before I left! It was a lot of fun but did not get done until about 10pm and I still had to pack!


I threw together my bathing suit and a few cute outfits! I am not too worried about clothing there which is nice- beach weather baby! Wahoo! I am excited to escape for the weekend and then get back for the final 2 weeks of work! I am so happy it is my weekend and who knows what Nice is going to be like – Hopefully fabulous! XOX

Wednesday Thursday, Aug 11 2011 

I started my morning like every other! I was then suddenly running late to my art history class- I think it was because I took time to shave my legs this morning 🙂 And I had checked my email- got one from Hannah about my bridesmaids dress!! So exciting that all these wedding plans are coming together! I love it!


Anyways, I got to class and we had a lecture on Provencal Post Impressionism. We also discussed the articles that we had to read for a reading response that was due in class today. It was interesting because a lot of the artists that we are talking about, we have seen work from while we have been here. We then had break after about an hour and a half and when we returned, we had the opportunity to ask him any questions and leave to go work on our journals. I spoke with him briefly about my journal and he said that it all looked great so YAY! And then I also mentioned ideas for my second paper which he also approved, I just need to get more specific about works that I want to talk about from either Van Gogh and Matisse or Cezanne and Matisse. I am trying to figure that out with comparing and contrasting their works of art. I then went down to the computer lab to print off the article for our next reading response due Monday!


I headed back up to the room to drop off my things and found out; we no longer have a good internet signal in our room 😦 I was very sad especially now that my phone will not work in there. I then went to lunch and returned back to the room to decide not to work and take a break!


I threw together my magazines and iPod and went straight to the terrace! It was so nice out in the high 70s with the sun brightly shining! I ended up listening to my book until about 3:45pm and decided it was time to get some things done!


I went down to the library and read my article along with starting to write my reading response. I then went back to my room to shower and get ready for dinner. Danielle, Brittaney, Shelley, and I hung out in my room for awhile before heading down to the café.


Afterwards, there was a lecture by the painting professor here, Todd Schroeder. I did have a lot to do so I decided not to go but I am sure it was great! I worked on my reading response and finished it up! Then I decided to go print a few of the plates that I had not yet printed and tried the color. Unfortunately though, I looked at the printing press when I was done mixing the colors and the felt was not on it so I could not print. After that, I came down to the computer lab to print off my paper and check my email and all since there is no internet in my room…sad day! Oh well- I had a pretty easy day and I was so glad that it was nice out! Tomorrow may be a little bit of a busier day with getting ready for vaca this weekend to Nice!! I am very excited about going though the weather is looking a bit cooler than normal! It will be great just to get away for a few days though! I cannot believe after this weekend, just 2 more left! Time flies when you are busy getting finals projects together and all! Bonsoir for now! I am going up to my room to watch a movie!

Tuesday Wednesday, Aug 10 2011 

I woke up this morning about 30 minutes before my alarm was to off. I always hate when that happens because its like should I try and go back to sleep or just get up?! I decided to lay there for a bit but then I ended up getting up and doing my morning routine. I had decided today was a jeans day and I am glad because it was cooler out unless you were standing right in the sunlight!


I went to printmaking and we were to have an in-progress critique but one other girl in my class and I were the only ones that had done any prints over the weekend. So my professor decided that we were just going to have a work day and that she would go around individually with each one of us and see what we were up to. She was glad to see that I was working and had progressed in figuring out more of an idea for what I wanted my final project to be. I went ahead and sprayed a few more boards to print so that I could possibly start working in color. By the end of class though, I had printed a couple of plates but did not get to start experimenting in color. I think tonight or tomorrow evening, I will go back in and work on that. After class, I went back up to my room to check my email and then went down to lunch,


After lunch, I returned to my room and worked on completing my journal pages to perfection! Of course not perfect, but I now have all of them completed to a degree that I like them. Definitely a sense of accomplishment! I then got on my computer for awhile just checking websites, etc. It was quite overcast outside and I began to get sleepy so it was nice just to be able to relax on my bed! I ended up falling asleep for about an hour and a half! I decided to then work on figuring out the design layout for my website for this online class that I have. I figured out some of it and then talked to my mom for awhile on the phone!


I went down to dinner and then came back up to continue working on the website proposal. I never realized all that went into it with thinking about fonts, colors, design layout, what you actually want on the website, etc. I then headed down to the Mac Lab to upload pictures from my field trip yesterday and work on Photoshop to start creating the pages for the website. I got a few things accomplished but knew I needed to go to bed!


I came back to my room and am now getting ready to go to sleep! Tomorrow for art history we just have lecture and then time to work on our journal but since I have already done my journal, I am hoping to get a head start on our six page final paper that is due in a week. We just got the assignment and it is to compare and contrast two images that we have studied in class or seen that are from two different time periods. I am hoping to do a work from Cezanne and one from Matisse although their time frames are near one another. I guess we shall see! Hope you had a great Tuesday! I am so glad it is supposed to warm up this week starting tomorrow! It has been in the low 70s and I am ready for the heat! Well during the daytime! Anyways, goodnight!

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